27 Jul

Jul. 7th, 2007

Deja vu. And yet another mill closes in Fall River. Since 1945 Quaker Fabric has been in business in Fall River, and more than one generation has worked in its many plants. But today it announced its closing in the Fall River Herald News.

It’s so sad to me that the once vibrant city of Fall River, which had its true glorious decade in the 1870’s but still kept a pulsebeat by the many looms and other machinery clickety clacking, clickety clacking every day. As the spindles diminished so did the sound, until only a faint echo of what was once the lifeblood of Fall River could be heard.

I feel for those workers. I feel for the town. Fall River has never really fully recovered from the 1928 fire and subsequent Great Depression. It’s vitality and importance to the nation in its production of cloth are memories and entries in history books. What remains is the spirit of the working class of Fall River…they remained when the “Hill notables” sold and moved out. They stayed on, generation after generation. The lifeblood of Fall River. They had community through their neighborhoods and their churches and their mom and pop businesses. Some prospered and bought those homes on “the Hill” but many more of the poor continued their blue collar work. There were still some mills left where factory work could still be found and a living could be made. And there also remained the empty five story brick and granite structures reminding all of what once was. But Quaker Fabric provided work and the true “fabric of Fall River”, like their parents and grandparents and great grandparents before them, continued to work.

And now another closes. Sad. So terribly sad in so many ways. Gone are the glory days of Quaker Fabric in Fall River. Deja vu.

From it’s website:


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