27 Jul

been in a quandry as to which of the topics listed below I should address for my next journal entry.

Helpful suggestions gladly accepted.


1. Transcript of AJB and JVM’s conversation that Wednesday afternoon.
2. Where the hatchet was hid the first hour.
3. Where the hatchet was hid the second hour.
4. Who abscounded with the hatchet in the third hour.
5. Why Emma partied hardy at Wheaton Female Seminary.
6. Sneak Preview of Harry Potter and the Harrowing Hatchet Deaths.
7. The real reason Andrew wore a truss.
8. Publication of the play Lizzie wrote for Nance O’Neil.
9. Cabinet photo of Lizzie at Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy 1890.
10. Cabinet photo of Lizzie and Anna Borden kissing the Rosetta Stone 1890.

1. “Driven to Madness” a spec script by Ernest Terry.
12. Personal journal of Augusta Tripp breaks the mystery why the Bordens were considered “ugly”.
13. Barnyard animals and what they really meant to John Morse.
14. The secret tryst between John Coughlin and Rufus Hilliard.
15. Victoria Lincoln’s first, and loveless, marriage.
16. Preston Gardiner and the return of “Love’s Awakening”.
17. Letter from Helen Leighton imploring Lizzie to fork over additonal funds for Animal Rescue League start-up costs.
18. Hetty Green’s letter advising Andrew not to sell certain real estate.
19. Andrew Borden’s letter to Hetty Green reminding her of .82 cents still due on his farm eggs.
20. Eleven reasons why 92 Second Street was not conducive to high teas and parlor games.

21. “My Life at Maplecroft During the Wilson and Harding Years” as penned by Miss Lizbeth.
22. “Squirrels, Shoulders & Sunshine”, chapter from A Balanced Life, memoir of Lizbeth Borden.
23. “I’m Going to Disneyland!” – Newly discovered NY Times Interview upon Lizzie’s acquittal.
24. “Lizzie Borden -Table for One” – a play in two acts by Chef George, Abbey Grille.
25. “I Blog. Therefore, I Am”. Synergistic psycho-babblings and why we do it.
26. “I-Phone. YouTube. Me inanimate long time.” – A SNL skit yet to be aired.
27 . My Travels Down Under by Nance O’Neil – (An Australian travel-log not stocked by the Fall River Historical Society for obvious reasons of decorum.)
28.. Knock, Knock Jokes for those buried at Oak Grove Cemetery.
29. “Ladowick, Schladowick – She Wasn’t Even Blood” – short essay by unknown paranormal investigator.

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