Spooky Southcoast

24 Aug

I’m off to an 8(a) seminar at Raytheon in Andover, MA to be held Monday and Tuesday (yea, business) but will also be dug in for a while at one of my favorite places in Boston for Borden research: The Boston Public Library.

Planning to slide down to Fall River if timing and events allow.

Meanwhile, enjoy this interview I did in the cellar of 92 Second Street on August 4th. It was going on midnight after a long and hectic day, so I apologize for the few flubs which Lizzie scholars will catch. After the interview, at the start of the second segment, Tim Weisberg describes what happened afterwards with Andrea Capulet, Colleen Johnson, Matt Moniz, Tim and myself. Surprised even me. Here’s the direct link:

Spooky Southcoast Radio (corrected link – thank you Jeri)

You’ll get the significance of these “Oak Grove Notables” once you hear the broadcast.

Son of Colonel Richard Borden

Richard B. Borden and The “Greater” Bordens

The other Emma Borden who died in 1927.

Lizzie’s cousin and cabinmate on the 19-week Grand Tour


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