Visiting Fall River

28 Sep

 Special Note:  Best Wishes to Ed Thibault convalescing at home after an auto accident yesterday.  I was very happy to hear it wasn’t major and you are doing better.  I’m sure Eleanor is taking very good care of you, Ed.  🙂

Arrived yesterday to beautiful weather and wonderful guests at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast.   There’s a nifty new original oil painting of “Lizzie” hanging over the sofa in the parlor.  I’ll post an image of it when I get back to Payson.

Noted the Hooper/Davenport (Michael Brimbaugh’s) house is undergoing some cosmetic surgery out front….looking better.  Get out the paint brush this weekend, Stef!   🙂

Heard some interesting stories of the paranormal at St. Patrick’s Cemetery from the women who work there….the smell of spaghetti cooking, sometimes roses….where there is no cooking going on and where there are no roses.  This is the cemetery where you find most of the “below the Hill” people buried, and certainly most all of the prominent Catholics.  Established in 1875 their records only begin from 1891, but they have a wonderful software program that extracts instant and comprehensive information – free printouts for inquiring minds as well.  🙂

Have been researching Dr. William A. Dolan and correspondence between his grandson, Donald Dolan, and publisher Robert Flynn, both of whom I met back in 1992.  One new tidbit:  When Dr. Dolan had the boiling pots on the stove and the skulls of Andrew and Abby Borden in the pots, his oldest son hid in the cellar…till the “process” was done.  More on that later.   Suffice to say the Dolan-Flynn correspondence brings to mind the exchanges between Edmund Pearson and Frank Knowlton, Hosea Knowlton’s grandson.  Intriquing reading this private correspondence, never published.

Business in Providence tomorrow.  Hope the weather stays nice.


One response to “Visiting Fall River

  1. Angie Ditmar

    September 30, 2007 at 11:52 AM

    dO you mean the heads of mr and mrs borden were boiled on a stove in dr. dolan’s house? who gave him permission to do that?! that’s HORRIBLE!


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