“In All The World…..”

01 Oct

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2003 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
2004 0 0 0 432 1138 832 595 710 676 611 1145 1280
2005 1110 1148 1615 1978 1457 1769 1228 1051 1328 1145 1059 1019
2006 1144 1223 1172 1402 561 1831 1350 1961 1688 1549 1512 1595
2007 1707 1328 1264 1397 908 915 1038 1430 908 0 0 0

It’s been said you can prove anything statistically.

So I’ve been toying with analytical assessments of stats on two things I can’t quite figure out:

1) Why there has been a steady, consistent decline in total number of posts by month on a Lizzie Borden forum that has some of the most enthusiastic and informed people on the case, and

2) Just what is it in the house at 92 Second Street that causes the unexplained events and paranormal activity that so many BONA FIDE people have seen, felt and heard.

With regards to #2, I’ll be writing more.

The business portion of my Fall River trip went extremely well and we await the next phase of development.

The pleasure part of the trip was amongst one of the best I have ever had….not only with guests and events at The House, but also in Jamestown, Rhode Island (established in 1684 I think?), the people in the Highlands, and the pitiful structure on Green Street in Fairhaven…which I’ll also have more to post on. But this visit goes down as one of the Top 5 Visits Ever! I never met a group of such well educated, articulate, fun, and interesting people as I did Saturday night at the Bed & Breakfast. A most remarkable experience! And to look out a charming window at the head of my bed in Portsmouth, RI, across an expansive green lawn to the Sakonnet River shimmering in the glow from a magnificient full moon. And across from the foot of the bed, a wall length painting of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Magical, truly.

From the Northeast to the Southwest, I’ve yet to re-assimilate.

BTW, those drivers in Massachusetts are nuts. 90 is the new 60 and 60 is the new 30 and 30 is what they do when parallel parking. 😉


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