Dallas Conference

22 Oct

Leaving tomorrow morning for a 3-day conference in Dallas, Texas. Plan on having some R&R there on Friday and Saturday. In previous trips I usually hooked up with Jean Hill, known as “The Lady in Red”, who was standing next to Mary Muchmore in that very famous President Kennedy assassination photograph. I wrote to Jean in 1976 when I was doing some serious research on the case and met her in person 3 years later when I went to Dallas to interview a few police officers who were still on the Dallas Police Department. Jean and I stayed in touch and exchanged Christmas cards each year. We posed for this picture at the 1993 JFK Assassination Symposium. She died about 7 years ago. Jean was a lovely lady and was often maligned about that “little white dog” in the back of the car JFK rode in….but thankfully she was vindicated before she died.


Neeley St. Apartment

I also plan to go by the Neeley Street apartment and see if it’s still standing. I had this picture taken in the same year standing in the spot Lee Harvey Oswald stood posing with the Manlicker Carcano (sp) rifle in one hand (which he used to shoot President Kennedy), and a communist publication in the other. I used to imagine Marina lumbering down those stairs with a load of wash to hang on the line, pregnant with her second child. It’s been a while since I’ve been back to Dallas so I’m looking forward to seeing that skyline and visiting the West End again – one of my favorite areas of the city. Since this event is similar to that held recently at Raytheon in Massachusetts, maybe some of the same people I met interested in Lizzie will be there.

I began studying the JFK assassination in the early 1970’s and still have my own complete 26 volumes of the Warren Commission Report. Tedious reading those volumes. No indexed paragraphs whatsoever; the pages just spill over one after another in block form, and all the photographs are exhibited all in the last volume. The amazing thing that struck me over three decades ago was how much information was gathered by the FBI in such a short period….and with 1960’s technology.

Marina Oswald

The Picket Fence

And yes, I believe LHO acted alone. And that O.J. acted alone. As did Lizzie.

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One response to “Dallas Conference

  1. Ron

    November 20, 2008 at 2:35 PM

    Hello I am a very dedicated JFK researcher and I would like to talk to you about your research. I am impressed by your pictures of whom you have met and talked to. I have to disagree with your conclusion. 🙂


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