New Photo of Lizzie Borden’s Father

01 Nov

There’s a new (well, new to us) photo of Andrew Jackson Borden that apparently has never before been seen in print showing Lizzie’s father as a young man. Stefani Koorey, who publishes The Hatchet announced the discovery to be featured in the new issue for sale as of November 5th. This print-on-demand magazine article will explain where the photo has been laid dormant all these years. It’s always kewl to have something “new” pop up about the case and this is something new – like Kristen Pepe’s verification of exactly *where* Emma went “away to school” (Wheaton Seminary – see July blog entry).

Until now, the only other “younger Andrew” image we’ve seen is this one:


It’s nice to see a different visage from the usual thin-lipped, stern countenance of old Andrew. Oh wait. It’s still thin-lipped and stern but something in the eyes of the “new” photo tells me he was capable of humor and joy back then. Probably taken before the time he would charm bereaved widows in deeding some of their property to him to pay for more expensive coffins! (It’s quite interesting how much real estate Andrew and his partner, William Almy acquired during the years of their undertaking business.)

Due to a low subscription base of the publication, multitudes of those interested in this case will never even see this picture until it is subsequently used in future documentaries or published in a book at some later date, as it most surely will be. And even sooner than later the image will be snatched from the site and show up elsewhere on the internet, perhaps with a feather boa draped around his neck or mini hatchets in animation swirling around his head.

As to new photos of Lizzie herself, we’ll have to wait for the Fall River Historical Society’s two-volume publication in Spring or Summer of 2008. (More on that later).


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