Free Collectibles on That Whacky Lizzie

29 Nov

Among the countless blogs on Lizzie this one (click here)

is a hoot because of the official crime scene image of slain Abby on the floor of the guest room. The poster has “cartooned” it up – and a very good job at that. Abby’s feet kicking is a particularly nice touch….comically macabre.

Take note, however, that the purported sisters image of Emma and Lizzie is wrong. It is not Lizzie, nor is it Emma. This image has been on the internet for years.




Also the text has numerous factual errors. Lizzie DID in fact “date” men and that will be widely known come this summer. Lizzie taught Sunday School briefly to a class of Chinese at Reverend Buck’s missionary. Andrew wasn’t “withdrawing” their inheritance. Oh, I could go on and on, but I’m busy. Instead, you do it and I’ll give you a free prize. Here’s the deal –

The first 3 people who email me with at least ten (10) of the inaccuracies (and stating why) can have their choice of either the T-shirt shown below (all are new, all are size XL) or the CD ROM for Borden case research originally created by me in 1999. This one is a 2001 edition. No cost on either, except a $4.00 postage fee. First 3 people only. Oh, and if you are out of the country, postage will be higher…. some of the Timeline booklets were shipped as far as Afghanistan! Anyway, read thru this blogger’s telling of the Borden case and email me your list! Good luck! 🙂



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