A Slow and Tragic Death in Fairhaven, MA

21 Dec



Newly flushed with the $2,500 she received from Andrew for her half interest buy-back of the Ferry Street homestead in Fall River, Emma Lenora Borden, a spinster of 42, chose to visit people in their 60’s and 70’s in Fairhaven on Green Street.

Just two weeks into the visit – on August 4, 1892 – having received Dr. Bowen’s telegram time-stamped 11:32 a.m., gently informing her she needed to quickly return home, Emma packed her trunks, exited these front steps and headed towards a life-altering hell on earth.

The Brownells, no doubt bidding her adieu as she alighted into a carriage to take her to the train station, and unaware of the unprecedented calamity taking place a mere 20 miles away, settled back into their humble abode on a charming tree lined street in the now historic part of Fairhaven.

Recent years have not been kind to what was known as “19 Green Street”…..and this structure’s slow and tragic death is near end. Too soon Bordenia sleuths will tarry along the sidewalk with their cameras exclaiming: “And this is where the Brownell’s house once stood.”

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