Time and Time Again

16 Jan

And from another new Fall River friend, check out his blog by clicking —-> here.

I’ve been laxed in putting up something new because I’m out on my Quad during most of my free time. Hid some micro mosaics on Bordenia and enroute to Buckeye we ran across a group of other “treasure hunters” on Quads. Turned out they were tracking the same cache and it was a race! Damn near fell over on the rugged off-road terrain, but our team got there first!! YAY!

Anyway, will be posting a little tidbit – something new – about Hosea Knowlton in a couple days. Keep watching. 🙂

And while I’m here – recommended MUST SEE movies:  No Country for Old Men  and There Will Be Blood.  The latter stars Daniel Day Lewis.  Every time he shows up on a set they ought to just hand him a damn Oscar.  He’s that good.


SHOUT OUT TO LORIE MELLO OF FALL RIVER: Thank you for the kind comments in “About Me”. I’m a big fan of Louis Howe myself. Let’s hook up when I’m next in Fall River. 🙂


Aside from her saying she didn’t do things in a hurry, this really has nothing to do with Lizzie Borden, although Lizzie would be amazed to see how “fast time flies” by clicking on this


Be sure to click on the “Month” “Day” and “Now” buttons to review the differences.

Quite remarkable, I think. Ponder the time you spend looking at it and all that has happened during that time.

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