Lizzie Borden “New Stuff” for 2008

07 Jun

(Recycled post)

Since I’ve gotten so much into Geocaching, I went out last week and purchased a Christmas gift to myself – a brand new Quadmobile. It’s a mini 110 cc EX just like this only solid dark green. Now I can easily zip around off-roading to those hard to find places for hidden treasures. This has been so much fun, have met some truly adventurous and hilarious characters as well as “middle America” type families. I just love it! Another Paysonite into this loaded both our Quads on his pickup and he and his son and myself went up to Jerome, an old mining camp town way up in the hills north of Cottonwood and did some tracking up there. Inside an actual old mine, by tracking the coordinates, we located the “cache” – an 1862 book on Arizona mining. In its place I left a mini Lizzie hatchet and a copy of Arnold Brown’s book; my friend left an assortment of agates. The weather was beautifully clear but cold. I love Jerome and the people there….and its one great period saloon. I really encourage people who like to sleuth and have great fun to go geocaching!

Also this year we will be returning to Italy in early April. People I met at Raytheon in Andover, MA. last year will be letting us use their villa in Florence for 3 days. We’ll also go back to Rome and Venice and then take the long train ride south to Naples for 5 nights. I’ve been researching geocaching groups in these 4 cities and plan to leave Lizzie treasures (tapes, booklets, buttons, magnets, CD’s, photos, etc.) at all of them!

Speaking of hidden treasures – Borden enthusiasts will be in for several “reveals” during 2008. First off, the Fall River Historical Society will be publishing the long awaited Hilliard Papers which they received in 1989.


1849 – 1912. Born in Pembroke, Maine, Hilliard; son of David and Elizabeth (Wilson) Hilliard. Hired by the Fall River Police in 1879; named City Marshall in 1886. In 1888 married Miss Nellie Smith Clark of Fall River. He died in 1912.

Here are some im
ages from my newspaper collection. Right click to enlarge.

As can be discerned from the write-up, we are indebted to Donald Bradbury, husband of Marshall Hilliard’s grand-daughter. It’s likely the Hilliard Papers will contain some redundancy from the Knowlton Papers in terms of letters from quacks or those with sound ideas as to how the murders were committed. Certainly Hilliard and Knowlton shared these types of letters with each other. But Hilliard’s career also included the Bertha Manchester case and many others. He lived a rich, full life, active in many civic and fraternal organizations. I look forward to this publication. It’s been a LONG time coming since they were received just a week or so after the Knowlton Papers were donated to the FRHS.

Second offering from theFRHS supposedly being published this summer (or so they said over a year ago) will be a two volume set on Lizzie Borden and Fall River’s society….supposedly new photos of Lizzie. Also revealed will be why some of the Bordens and Morses were considered “ugly”. Remember the Morton Batchelder report on whether or not there was insanity in the family and instead he was told they were considered “ugly”? Well, that didn’t have to do with visage as much as character or personality. Also we will learn why Abraham Borden named Andrew “Andrew”. Not a big mystery to me as I’ve always felt it was because of Abraham’s youngest brother named Andrew who died at a very young age. Seems a woman who lives in Fall River has a journal from a woman who was a schoolmate of Lizzie’s, went to parties with her, and wrote about her all through her life. I kinda think it’s Augusta Tripp because Lizzie left her money, was an “old schoolmate” of Agusta’s and even visited her just a week before the murders on August 4, 1892. We can expect these books to be of high quality. I look forward to their summer release.

I’ve already mentioned about David Rehak’s book and the newly found Lizzie letter, and I know of one other new Lizzie book to be published. More on that later.

So yes, 2008, will be a much more interesting year for new reveals on Lizzie. As time goes on people die and pass things on….a newer generation gets them – and when they are about Lizzie – or any historical event or person for that matter – we can only hope they have the foresight to preserve and share.

I’m off to study some maps and plot my next treasure geo tracking. The SuperBowl is in Phoenix so the stadium is my next target location. 🙂


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