Lizzie Borden’s Birthday Clock

10 Jun

Ever wonder the significance of the day Lizzie Borden was born? Here’s a nifty program that assembles a variety of information specific to that date. Amusing and informative.

(copyright 2000 faye musselman)


This Birth Clock tells you how many hours and how many seconds you have been alive on this earth and when you were probably conceived, your life path number and the numbers you are most compatible with, and so much more.

You can go to the actual site by clicking HERE and enter the birth dates of Lizzie and other Borden case notables.

After you’ve finished reading the info, click again, and see what the moon looked like the night the person was born.

November 7, 1850

Melvin O. Adams is born in Ashburnham, Ma.

August 24, 1849

Andrew J. Jennings is born.

May 5, 1849

Rufus Bartlett Hilliard born in Pembroke, ME; later Chief of Police of Fall River 1886-1909.

March 29, 1848

John Fleet (later Asst. City Marshall of Fall River) is born in Lancaster, England. (LR149)

May 20, 1847

Hosea Knowlton is born. (Prosecuting District Attorney in Borden case).

January 10, 1835

George Dexter Robinson born (later becomes 3-time Governor and head of Lizzie’s defense).

July 5, 1801

BeBe Wilmarth born. (Abraham’s 2nd wife)

June 9, 1861

John W. Coughlin is born; later becomes three-term Mayor of Fall River.

January 14, 1871

Louis McHenry Howe is born in Indianapolis, Indiana (later marries Lizzie’s cousin, Grace Hartley).

July 7, 1869

Henry G. Trickey is born.

November 9, 1874

Grace Hartley born, Lizzie’s cousin and later to become wife of Louis McHenry Howe. (Lizzie is 14)

October 8, 1874

Nance O’Neil (Gertrude Lamson) is born in Oakland, California. (LR308)

March 14, 1812

Ladowick Borden (Andrew’s uncle, brother of Cook) born in Fall River.

September 19, 1823

Sarah Anthony Morse (first wife of Andrew J. Borden) is born in Somerset, Mass.

May 31, 1824

Rev. Edwin Augustus Buck is born. (Bucksport, Maine)

January 21, 1828

Abby Durfee Gray is born (second wife of Andrew Borden).

July 5, 1833

John Vinnicum Morse born in Somerset, MA.

July 20, 1840

Dr. Seabury W. Bowen is born.

May 20, 1847

Hosea Knowlton is born. (Prosecuting District Attorney in Borden case).

June 16, 1867

Helen Leighton born in Millbridge, Maine.

March 18, 1854

Charles C. Cook, long time Borden real estate manager, is born in Fall River.

March 1, 1851

Emma Lenora Borden is born to Andrew and Sarah Borden.

July 19, 1860

Lizzie Andrew Borden born at #12 Ferry Street, Fall River, MA.

September 13, 1822

Andrew Jackson Borden is born (8th generation) at #12 Ferry Street, Fall River.

July 8, 1798

Abraham Bowen Borden (Andrew’s father, 7th generation) is born.

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