23 Aug

Keeping things in perspective (for those OCD on Lizzie Borden) the big news isn’t about the opening of Leonard Pickel’s “True” Story of Lizzie Borden EXHIBIT. It’s about Barrack Obama selecting Senator Joe Biden as his VP running mate.

I volunteer at Obama headquarters here in Payson so my energies are often channeled elsewhere. I have little time to copy, cut, and paste into a blog some newspaper write ups on the current litigation between Fall River’s B&B “Museum” and Salem’s “Exhibit” – stories that anyone can get automatically with a Google alert. Stories that every Podunk town picks up from the AP wire services. These are but minnows in the pond of the bigger fish in the sea. But some lives are so constricted and singularly focused in search of that which will promote themselves. I rather devote time to issues that ultimately can serve millions.

At Headquarters we are very excited about:

Mr. Cool and

Mr. Earthy

In October I’ll be attending a business conference in Chicago which will give me an opportunity to meet people from his main Campaign Headquarters there that I’ve been coordinating with here in Payson.

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