Louis McHenry Howe

27 Aug

From TIME Magazine – Monday, April 27, 1936:

On election night 1932, in the first hour of his triumph, he (Franklin D. Roosevelt) gave credit to those to whom he was most indebted: “There are two people in the United States, more than anybody else, who are responsible for the great victory. One is my old friend and associate, Colonel Louis McHenry Howe, and the other is that splendid American, Jim Farley.”

Watching the DNC Convention speeches this evening, I was reminded by my friends here in Fall River, Swansea and Somerset as we gather round Ken’s 60″ HD screen that Louis McHenry Howe wrote many of FDR’s speeches. I’m not the only one here watching his tv while blogging with a laptop – we must be embedded! haha. I actually love politics and have been watching this year’s presidential race more closely than I have in decades.

Short tonite but a special toast to Keri – see you shortly! πŸ™‚ I know you are watching, too! πŸ™‚

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