Lizzie Borden Salem Exhibit Interview – Cringe and Moan

04 Oct

You will never find a more inaccurate, inarticulate, ill-informed and ridiculous telling of the Lizzie Borden case as you will in this interview by Peter Alachi with Michael Hios filmed at the “Lizzie Borden True Story” exhibit in Salem, MA.  Keep in mind that Michael Hios is a partner of Leonard Pickel, owner/operator of the Salem Exhibit and has been utilized to create display pieces for the haunted houses Pickel has produced for various organizations.

Michael Hios may have made the skulls which are sold in the gift shop at the Exhibit, ergo, his vested interest for people to come and see it.  You can see those skulls as they are displayed HERE.

One can feel for Peter Alachi doing the interview as Hios struggles to tell the “story” and often prompts Hios with appropriate answers.  The inaccuracies of Hios comments will make Borden buffs cringe and moan.  Pitiful.  Truly pitiful.  YOU’VE GOT TO SEE AND HEAR THIS TO BELIEVE IT!!!




Michael Hios website

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Posted by on October 4, 2008 in Fall River, MA


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