The Amish Lizzie film – “Bordenia”

28 Jan


Look!  There goes Dr. Bowen rushing down Second Street in front of the Borden house!


A more contemporary (2004) photo of 92 Second Street shows the now demolished Leary Press attached.


This photograph, used as evidence in the 1893 Borden trial, shows the House as it appeared at the time of the murders.  (Note no “Leary Press”)

So what’s the point of this you may ask?  Well, Cameron Munson is filming his Bordenia and this is the house he selected in Amish Country to depict the Borden homestead.  Carson Grant, who wrote the “Bordenia” article,  studied under Lee Strasberg  (but then, hasn’t everybody?)  and stars as Andrew Borden.  He writes:

“The house we are shooting the murder scenes has a similar design to the original Borden’s home.”

Wrong.  See above.   Gadzookskies.  There’s a million Greek-Rivival homes still standing all across the country and this is as close as they could get?  I have more to say on this score but first in the “here we go again” department, Grant writes:

“The clopping of the horse hooves on the cold winter pavement outside my Rt. 340 Bed and Breakfast room this 5 am morning, offers a gentle awaking to a full day of shooting on “Bordenia” directed and written by Cameron Munson. A retelling of an American legend, the Fall River story of the Borden family, and Lizzie Borden’s part she played in the ax murders of her father and stepmother.”

There it is.  The perennially inaccurate reference to the murder weapon being an axe.  Arrrggghhhh.  May I say it again?  Thank you.   Arrrrgggghhhh.

So back to the filming location – and this one deserves a smirky chuckle:

“Our film location, Intercourse, Pennsylvania offers a quiet Lancaster township, off-season to the warm weather tourists who flock here to enjoy the pastoral surrounding of Amish farming, dining, crafts and culture. Quilting, needlepoint, wood furniture making, tin, metal and pottery wares are some of the handwork one will find on a stroll along the main street markets and restaurants.”

Intercourse, Pennsylvania.  A wonderful B&B in Intercourse. Hello.  Fall River has a wonderful little B&B.  It’s called THE LIZZIE BORDEN BED & BREAKFAST.  Again.  See above.

I’m sure they contacted the owners, Donald Woods & Lee-ann Wilber who actually welcome documentary and theatrical filming in and on the premises.  But for whatever reasons – and whether they contacted the owners or not –  they chose to film the ” Borden House” in Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

Intercourse.  That’s phucked up, dude.  😉   Then again, maybe Amish is to Quakers as Pennsylvania is to Massachusetts.   Hmmm.  Don’t think so.

Well, let’s keep our eyes and ears open to the film festival circuit and maybe we’ll see Dr. Bowen racing down “second street” after all.   (nyuck, nyuck).


One response to “The Amish Lizzie film – “Bordenia”

  1. Lydia

    June 8, 2010 at 5:39 AM

    The Borden House still looks beautiful. It has been well kept. I plan to travel soon.


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