The Month of February

09 Feb


Fall River looking down North Main – late 1880’s.


Lobby poster for Al Jolson in The Jazz Singer, 1927 -the year of Lizzie’s death.

A sampling of what happened back in Lizzie Borden’s day during the month of February.

Date Event
February 1, 1894 Spinners line street between Spring & Columbia on both sides of Main St., declaring strike.
February 1, 1893 Robinson joins Lizzie’s defense team.
February 2, 1920 #230 (formerly #92) Second Street house purchased by Mark Mandel from John W. Dunn.
February 2, 1928

Pocassett Mill fire – City Hall, Union Bank bldg, etc. destroyed – over $35 million in property loss.

February 2,1894 Emma signs discharge of Executor duties of AJB estate, witnessed by Henrietta & Elizabeth Morse.
February 2-4, 1926 Lizzie enters Truesdale Hospital for gall bladder operation.  Registers as “Mary Smith”.
February 2, 1902 Philip H. Borden dies in Fall River.
February 3, 1854 Abraham Borden deeds house on Ferry Street to Andrew.
February 4, 1927 The film “The Jazz Singer” starring Al Jolson premieres as the first “talkie”.
February 6, 1940 Weetamoe Mill fire, loss of $450,000.  This mill was owned by the City of Fall River.
February 6, 1844 McKee Rankin (Nance O’Neil theatrical agent) is born in Canada.
February 6, 1879 Charles Churchill, husband of Adelaide, dies at age 35.
February 7, 1965 Nance O’Neil, 90, dies in the Actors Fund Home, Englewood, New Jersey (nursing home).
February 7, 1910 Emma & Lizzie deed 9 acres land e/side Gardner’s Neck Rd, Swansea to Preserved Gardner.
February 10, 1905 John Morse leaves Iowa for Boston.
February 10, 1893 Officer Phillip Harrington,  FRPD, promoted to Captain.
February 11, 1888 Women’s Board of Fall River Hospital is formed.  Miss Anna H. Borden, Treasurer.  (She went on 1890 Grand Tour with Lizzie).
February 11, 1880 Edmund Lester Pearson born in Newburyport, Mass.
February 11, 1889 Service at Central Congregational Church calls for pledges of $82,000 to clear debt.  (Did Andrew contribute?)
February 12, 1892 Former President Abraham Lincoln‘s birthday is declared a national holiday in the United States.
February 12, 1834 Mass. General Court Assembly changes name from “Troy” to “Fall River”
February 14, 1890 Chicago learns it will be the site for the next World’s Fair.
February 15-16, 1916 Major fire in downtown Fall River – 30 businesses destroyed, over $1.5 million in property loss.
February 16,1897 Providence Daily Journal prints story of Lizzie’s shoplifting at Tilden Thurber.
February 16, 1898 USS Battleship Maine blows up in Havana harbor, 266 killed.
February 17, 1933 2nd Probate Court accounting filed by Charles Cook on Lizzie’s Will for period May 2, 1929 thru Jan.1, 1932.
February 17, 1933 3rd Probate Court accounting filed by Charles Cook on Lizzie’s Will: period May 2, 1929 thru Nov. 28, 1932.
February 18, 1904

Edwin H. Porter, dies in FR at age 39

February 14, 1910 Lizzie sells 18 acres in Swansea (Gardner’s Neck Road)
February 19, 1829 Phebe Ann Borden, Andrew’s sister, born in Fall River.
February 20, 1912 John Vinnicum Morse signs his Last Will & Testament in Hastings, Iowa.
February 22, 1896 Governor Robinson dies at the age of 62 in Chicopee, Mass.
February 24, 1924 1924 Woodrow Wilson dies.
February 25, 1968 Gertrude M. (Russell) Callow, Lizzie’s maid (1912-1913) dies at the age of 79 in Fall River.
February 26, 1829 Hiram Harrington born (marries Lurana Borden, Andrew’s sister).
February 26, 1883 Mary B. Young addresses Fall River City Council proposing her gift of $400,000 for new High School- becomes B.M.C. Durfee High School).

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