March Timeline

01 Mar
March 1, 1851 Emma Lenora Borden is born to Andrew and Sarah Borden. emma-sarah1
March 1, 1872 The Boston Globe makes its debut.
March, 1864 Bridget Sullivan is born in County Cork, Ireland.
March 1, 1866 Notice in FR Daily Evening News of remains of military officers on view at Borden & Almy.         (LR52)
March 2, 1778 Wealthy storekeeper 60-year-old Joshua Spooner’s battered and bloody body is pulled out of a well in his backyard in Brookfield, Ma.; pregnant wife Bathsheba tried and hung.spooner-well-iii-otis (image from O.T.I.S.)
March 2, 1888 Fall River Evening News reports Abby Borden ill at home with severe bronchitis.
March 2, 1932 Charles Lindberg’s baby is kidnapped.
March 3, 1791 U.S. begins taxing distilled spirits and carriages.
March 3, 1898 John Morse returns to Hastings, Iowa after spending the winter in California, reports The Glenwood Opinion.  johnmorse-older1
March 3, 1918 Dr. Seabury Bowen dies at the age of 78 in Fall River.
March 3, 1933 Grace Hartley Howe & Helen Leighton sign 4th & Final Account of Probate.
March 4, 1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt is inaugurated as the 32nd U.S. president.
March 4, 1872 First meeting to organize Shove Mills; Board members included Josiah C.  Blaisdell.    (Peck/Earl-145)sagamoremills-1926
March 4, 1867 Hiram & Lurana (Borden) Harrington’s son George, dies   of brain disease at the age of 9.
March 5, 1770 “Boston Massacre” – 5 colonists killed by British troops.
March 5, 1868 Court of Impeachment organized against President Andrew Johnson.
March 6, 1876 James Buffington, 1st Mayor of Fall River, dies.
March 7, 1893 Fall River Electric Light Co. founded to manufacture and distribute commercial street lighting.
March 9, 1903 Reverend Edwin A. Buck dies of pneumonia in Fall River.  rev-edwin-buck
March 10, 1858 Alice Esther Borden, 2 yrs old, dies of hydrocephalus.Andrew is 36 years old.  Emma is 7 years old.
March 12  1904 Roman Catholic Diocese of Fall River established by Pope Pius X.  st-marys-1900
March 12, 1939 John E. Sullivan, Bridget’s husband, dies.
March 14, 1812 Ladowick Borden (Andrew’s uncle, brother of Cook) born.
March 16, 1955 Grace Hartley Howe has a seizure & slips into a coma.   (LR333)        gracehartleyhowe
March 16, 1900 Justice Dewey dies.
March 17, 1905 Eleanor & Franklin Roosevelt marry.
March 17, 1931 Dr. Thomas F. Gunning dies (last of the doctors who witnessed  the August 4th autopsies).       (LR107)
March 18, 1854 Charles C. Cook, long time Borden real estate manager,is born in Fall River.
March 18, 1941 Arthur Sherman Phillips dies at the age of 76.  (Wrote 3 volume History of Fall River)
March 20, 1942 Bridget Sullivan signs her Last Will & Testament in Butte, Montana.
March 20, 1901 Andrew Jennings speaks to legislative Committee onEducation on importance of having a Textile School.ajennings
March 23, 1775 Patrick Henry delivers “Give me liberty or give me death” speech at St. John’s Church in Richmond, Virginia.
March 23, 1894 Emma writes letter to dressmaker Mrs. Cummings that is “suitable for church wear or calling”.      (FRHS)
March  24, 1893 The Fall River Bar Association considers charges against Judge Josiah Blaisdell.
March 25, 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Co. fire on New York’s Lower EastSide. 147 die, mostly women and young girls.triangle-shirtwaist-company-fire-1911
March 25, 1948 Bridget Sullivan, age 73, dies and is buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Anaconda, Montana.
March 25, 1965 New York City Opera Co. premieres “Lizzie Borden – A Family Portrait in Three Acts” by Jack Beeson
March 26, 1863 Sarah Morse Borden (mother of Lizzie and Emma) dies atthe age of 39 of uterine congestion.
March 27, 1940 Mandel Mark sells 2nd Street house to The Fall River Trust Company.     house30s-d
March 18, 1849 John Fleet (later Asst. City Marshall of Fall River) is born in Lancaster, England.          (LR149)fleet-1
March 28, 1858 Nathaniel B. Borden gives his inaugural address as Mayorof Fall River.
March 28, 1966 Author Edward Radin, age 56, dies of cancer.    (LR366)
March, 1878 Fall River mill worker wages reduced another 15%.
March 30, 1926 Charles Cook buys land and house from Harriet E. Henry on behalf of Lizzie.                   (LR560)
March 31, 1919 Lizzie writes instructions for her funeral and burial service.               (MHS website)funeral-instructions

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2 responses to “March Timeline

  1. Fiz

    March 2, 2009 at 12:37 PM

    What the heck is “uterine congestion”? It sounds like a rubbish diagnosis, so I’d love to know what Sarah Borden really died of. Cancer? Miscarriage? I’d love to know what condition that genteel little expression is covering up!

    • phayemuss

      March 2, 2009 at 7:39 PM

      Yes, a type of uterine cancer….can be treatable today. Causes enlargement of the uterus, often was due to vitamin deficiencies or miscarriages. Andrew and Sarah had 3 children all 5 years apart….those are the pregnancies we KNOW about. Frankly, I think living with Andrew hastened her demise. 😉


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