The Month of April – Lizzie Borden

01 Apr

So here’s a partial and selective extraction from my continuous work-in-progress Historic Timeline of Fall River and Lizzie Borden.

April 18, 1774

Paul Revere and William Dawes warn “The British are coming.”

April 19, 1775

Minutemen of Lexington and Concord battle British regulars and start the American Revolution.

April 01, 1778

Oliver Pollock invents the dollar sign, i.e. “$”.

April 30, 1789

George Washington becomes the first U.S. President.

April 4, 1803

First town meeting held at home of Louisa Borden.

April 30, 1803

US more than doubles its size thru the Louisiana Purchase.

April 1, 1844

Abraham Borden invests money for his son Andrew & William Almy to start furniture business. (Andrew is 22 years old).

April 24, 1844

Andrew, Abraham & William Almy purchase lot on Anawan St. for $1500.

April 20, 1854

William S. Borden, son of Deacon Charles L. Borden, is born (Arnold Brown’s “illegitimate son of AJB”)

April 22, 1854

City Charter adopted for Fall River, establishing 6 Wards.

April 22, 1854

James Buffington elected first Mayor of Fall River. Southard Miller elected Alderman of City of Fall River.

April 17, 1859

Philip Harrington, later to be Captain of Fall River Police, is born.

April 3, 1860

Pony Express service begins in St. Joseph. Mo.

April 9, 1865

General Lee surrenders to General Grant, ending Civil War

April 10, 1865

Nathaniel B. Borden dies; former Mayor, Senator, mill owner and bank president. (Married 4 times).

April 14, 1865

Abraham Lincoln assassinated at Ford Theater. (Lizzie is almost 5 yrs old.)

April 26, 1865

American Civil War: Gen. Joseph E. Johnston surrenders to Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman at Durham, NC

April 26, 1872

Andrew buys 92 Second St. house from Charles C. Trafton for $10,000. (Lizzie is almost 12 years old).

April 19, 1873

Bessie Borden born. Daughter of Jerome C. Borden.

April 25, 1873

Emanuel Taylor, mill worker, has his arm cut off on machinery. Dr. Seabury Bowen summoned and performs surgery.

April 24, 1884

At 6 PM fire started amongst cotton in the basement of Sagamore Mill No.1

April 14, 1890

John Morse goes to Warren, RI to visit his Uncle Charles Morse for a year and a half. (LR75-76)

April, 1892

Borden barn is broken into while Andrew and Abby are at Swansea farmhouse.

April, 1892

Lizzie tells dressmaker Hannah Gifford that Abby is a “mean, old thing”.

April 3, 1893

Emma & Lizzie sell 74 acres of land to Leander E. Gardner. (LR556)

April 10, 1893

Judge Blaisdell resigns as Judge of the Second District Court.

April 24, 1893

District Attorney Knowlton writes Attorney General Pillsbury that he’d like to “get rid” of the Trial of the case.

April 16, 1894

New Bedford Bar Association formed. Hosea Knowlton is founding member.

April 17, 1897

UFO crashes in Auroa, Texas, dead “alien” found and buried. (Dallas Morning News p5)

April 19, 1897

First running of the Boston Marathon.

April, 1899

Rev. Buck tenders his resignation to Central Cong. Church after 32 yrs of service (HistoryCCC194)

April 17, 1901

William S. Borden is found dead hung from a tree in Fall River with empty bottle of Carbolic Acid by his side..

April 1, 1902

Lizzie purchases east side of Belmont from Mary Swift. (LR559)

April 3, 1905

Nance O’Neil begins 3-week engagement at Tremont Theatre in Boston; leaves for Australian tour one month later.

April 18, 1906

San Francisco earthquake and fire kills 452.

April 22, 1909

John Morse travels from Iowa to Boston.

April 15, 1912

White Star liner Titanic sinks on her maiden voyage after hitting an iceberg; 1,500 die.

April 6, 1913

Boston Sunday Herald special edition: “Lizzie Borden 20 Years After the Tragedy” by Gertrude Stevenson.

April 13, 1913

Boston Sunday Post publishes interview with Emma Borden by reporter Edwin Joseph McGuire.

April 29, 1913

The all purpose zipper is patented.

April 6, 1917

Woodrow Wilson signs Declaration of War against Germany, allowing U.S. to engage in World War I.

April 15, 1919

Strike by Boston operators disrupts telephone service throughout New England.

April 9, 1920

Melvin O. Adams dies at the of 70 in Boston, Mass.

April 15, 1920

Bandits kill guard, shoot paymaster at shoe factory in Braintree, MA (Sacco & Vanzetti case).

April 14, 1924

Lizzie forms a partnership with Jacob Dondis in her half share of the AJ Borden Bldg on So. Main and Anawan.    (LR56)

April 29, 1924

Hannah B. Reagan, former police matron, dies at the age of 73 in Fall River.

April 8, 1927

Two way test of “Television” with AT&T President Gifford & Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover.

April 13, 1933

Emma’s estate sells Maplecroft. (LR561)

April 27, 1933

The play: Nine Pine Street opens on Broadway at Longacre Theatre starring Lillian Gish as Lizzie Borden.

April 18, 1936

Louis McHenry Howe dies at Bethesda Naval Hospital;  Eleanor Roosevelt contacts Grace Howe (Lizzie’s cousin and major legatee) in Fall River and notifies her of her husband’s death. Louis lies in state in the East Room of the White House.

April 19, 1936

Grace and son Hartley travel from Fall River to Washington, DC.

April 22, 1936

President Franklin D. Roosevelt attends Louis McHenry Howe’s burial funeral in Fall River at Oak Grove Cemetery.

April 10, 1944

Orrin Augustas Gardner, cousin and major legatee in Emma’s Will, dies in Deighton, MA.

April 13, 1945

Franklin D. Roosevelt dies. Harry Truman sworn in as President.

April 22, 1948

Premier of Agnes DeMille’s Fall River Legend ballet in NYC.

April, 1952

Edward R. Snow’s radio broadcast stating a boy found undisturbed dust in barn loft on August 4, 1892.

April 10, 1982

Edward Rowe Snow dies at the age of 80.

April 6, 1997

Memorial for Hartley Howe at Fall River Marine Museum where he had been a Trustee.

April, 2003

Robert Dube’ files application with FR Planning Board to build single home on driveway of 306 French; some neighbors protest; Dube’ later rescinds application.

April 8, 2003

The Herald News reports Robert Dube’, owner of 306 French St. (“Maplecroft”) is listing home for sale at $725,000.

April 27, 2005

Demolition begins of Leary Press adjacent to 92 Second St.

April, 2008

Third printing of David Rehak’s Did Lizzie Borden Axe for It? Is published. Contains newly found Lizzie letter.


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