Susan Boyle Makes Me Cry a River

22 Apr


Lest you think Susan Boyle is a “one hit wonder” check out this recording she made nearly 10 years ago of  “Cry Me A River.”

With over 40 MILLION hits on just one YouTube upload of her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent over a week ago, we all know what Susan did for everyone who saw and heard it.  Her voice and performance reached out through the t.v. screens launching a global hug that lingered long with its warming embrace, making us cry and smile and feel good inside.  What’s more, we recognized and were momentarily in touch with our common humanity.  She was a touchstone to our hearts.   And so during the week we played it over and over and over and talked it about over and over and over.

Susan has range and can sing in various styles and proves it with this moving rendition of Cry Me a River.   Even better than Johnny Ray, I think.

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Posted by on April 22, 2009 in Nothing to do with Lizzie


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