Mary Livermore and “Poor Girl” Lizzie

22 Jun


Mary Livermore had been a friend to Sarah Morse Borden, mother of Lizzie Borden and Emma Borden.  She was a staunch supporter of Lizzie during her incarceration and Trial, but she paid a price for that support.  Read of her harrassment by the press – not totally unwarranted by the way – at this link:


I wonder what Ms. Livermore thought of Lizzie’s prompt move to “The Hill” when she purchased Maplecroft as reported in the papers the second week of July, 1893?  Indeed, after Lizzie’s stay in Newport beginning three days after the Trial (June 23), and her visit with Emma to Taunton to thank Sheriff Wright and his wife (June 27), most of their time was spent looking for a new home where “cultured girls”  lived, i.e., The Highlands.

In fact, they purchased #7 French Street even before they settled with Abby Borden’s relatives on her money and possessions, as can be read at this link:


Thus, Lizzie and Emma secured their new and much improved digs less than two months after her “Not Guilty” verdict.

Home, Sweet Home, Lizzie darlin’.

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