Michael Jackson Memorial

06 Jul

I got tickets to the Michael Jackson Memorial!!! I can’t believe it. I’m so excited! I won 2 tickets on eBay for $10,000. And it was a much better deal than this one.

I had heard on the news that you have to show up at Dodger Stadium today and one of the 2 wristbands will be put on. So I cut off my arm yesterday and shipped it overnight express to the guy who’s picking up themjticket tickets for me.  He will slip my arm up his sleeve and have the wristband put on and then keep it refrigerated until I arrive.  And as a surprise bonus I find out I qualify for handicap parking at Staples Center.

I’m so excited I can hardly sleep.  I called Dr. Murray and asked if he’d drive me in the van (you know the one, the one with the oxygen tanks in it that he drove off in right after MJ died) and give me something to put me down.  We cut a deal that I give him the second ticket, but this will disappoint Billie Jean’s kid whom I was planning to take instead.


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