Armstrong Circle Theater & Lizzie Borden

22 Jul


The Armstrong Circle Theatre was an anthology drama television series which ran from 1950 to 1957 on NBC, and then until 1963 on CBS. Considered by many to be one of the best anthology series during the “Golden Age” of television, it featured original dramas by noted writers, and its guidelines specifically called for the avoidance of violence.

Their aim was “to combine fact and drama–to arouse interest, even controversy, on important and topical subjects. Using a news story or idea was not enough: the series also had to be able to present some potential solution, some hope for your citizens to consider, to think about.”

The Legend of Murder: The Untold Story of Lizzie Borden was the premiere episode of the 12th season and aired on October 11, 1961.

The cast included:

ClariceClarice Blackburn as Lizzie

Anne Hegira as Emma, Stats Cotsworth as Knowlton,

mary_doyleMary Doyle as  Bridget, and

McGrath-Andrew Paul McGrath as Andrew

This episode can be downloaded HERE.

Here’s a list of all the episodes from Armstrong Circle Theater.

Many of the episodes from the Armstrong Circle Theatre can be found at the Museum of Broadcast Communications Archives.  Just log in for a free account, then click TV Drama and enter series search “Armstrong Broadcast Theatre” and the list of episodes will come up.   Select an episode and play it immediately online for free.   Click HERE.


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