The Michael Jackson Saga Continues with the “Jackson 3”

11 Aug

Update: It was slightly over a month ago that I said this Michael Jackson thing was not going away. Of all the blogs I’ve written in 2 years, these have received the most hits – 1,867 on one of them alone in the past 24 hours – from places like Sri Lanka to Melbourne. The global interest appears insatiable for anything “Michael”.

Unfolding as I predicted below, the next “Big MJ Thing” will be the release of the “This is It!” movie made from the more than 100 hours of rehearsals of his last planned tour.

What I had not counted on was all the claims to being the biological parent of Michael’s children. Ridiculous assertions all. I have it on good authority that Lizzie Borden is the biological mother of ….no wait. Different time, different media frenzy.


The “Jackson 3”:  Paris Kathryn age 11, Prince Michael I age 12, and Prince Michael II age 7 (aka Blanket)

If any of you think this Michael Jackson thing is over – think again. This has a 60 to 90 day news cycle, and then way beyond. Next up: Where the body’s buried, quickly followed by the autopsy reports (coming out now – “white as a T-shirt, bald, collapsed veins);  followed by the doctor investigations, followed by problems with the Trust. Then just when you think things have died down – the DVD or theatrical release of the This is It London Tour rehearsals. Followed by decades of periodic releases of MJ written songs never recorded.

Wait.  There’s more.  There’s the two Princes and Paris. Prince William and Prince Harry move over –  America has its own. The tabloids will be filled in the next decade with what these two young men are doing, who they are dating, and who their sister is dating let alone what she’s wearing. And they will be richer than MJ ever was….gonna get some of gramma’s money,  too, when she croaks.   Already his record sales are up over 2,300%  (no, that’s not a typo).  So forget about it. The Jackson saga has only played out a dress rehearsal today of what’s to come.

It is said a civilization gets the kind of culture it deserves.  And as I have said, our seemingly incurable curiosity and  adulation of celebrities smothers passion or mere concern for more important matters.  If movies were the refuge of those in the First Great Depression, in more contemporary times we soothe our depression through vicarious adulation of superstars.

It wasn’t cunnilingus and psychiatry that brought us to this (apologies to Tony Soprano).  No.  It was celebrity idolatry and satellite t.v.   So you can run but you can’t hide.  The Michael Jackson Saga will be with us for decades.  It will be epic.  And it will be focused on not the Michael we mourned today, but those superstar-destined, obscenely rich legendary celebrities – “The Jackson 3”.

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