Stefani Koorey’s Bullshit

25 Aug

Apparently, Stefani can’t stand it when I visit Fall River and was seeking ways to prevent me from doing so.    Her “Harrassment” complaint shown here  alleges she is in “fear of bodily harm or injury”  from me although I live 3,000 miles away.    More bullshit because it was retaliation for my report of her failed Kickstarter attempt.   Click HERE.

Another “FAIL” for Stefani:   Imagine thinking you are so important and admired that someone would donate $5,000 to your online magazine just to get a free dinner with you?  Like I said, some people are in serious need of ego reduction therapy.

UPDATE:   (also as of March 2013, she has still not secured full time permanent employment – in short, still no one will hire her.  After 4 years of seeking employment one has to ask “why”?).    Could the following has something to do with it?  She only got 252 votes in her failed attempt at Mayor.  I’ve been told by my friends in Fall River she was “shrill” and “clod-like”.  The video in the following link seems to confirm those opinions.

Note:  “Fiz” is an inactive member of the LB Forum, and very knowledgable in a number of true crimes as well as civil war history.


To Stefani Koorey and her forum members:  Yes, I have joined in various names and both genders dozens of times.   But I never “flirted” with anyone.  Khee-Rhist.  She makes me sound like a sexual predator.  And that is slanderous.   I’m a happy 64 year old heterosexual.  I think that B.S. comes from past forum member “Audrey” who, in fact, flirted with one of MY male personas at one time.  Audrey turned out to be a male…but I knew that long before the forum members and wrote about it on Fairhaven’s blog long ago. 

And just WHY have I joined under nome de plumes?  Because Stefani refuses to allow me to join as myself – in my own name. Why is that?  What does she have to fear by me posting my knowledge and sharing with other members?  For example, I provide the Preliminary Hearing for FREE whereas she charges for it.

She has tried, unsuccessfully, to have my blog taken down.  She tried, successfully, in having my eBay account closed,  falsely claiming “copyright infringement”.  And eBay makes no judgements.  They just close an account when there’s such a complaint.  She knew how to use the system. (But hell, eBay’s too expensive for the little guy anymore anyhow).

Anyway, Stef – you can stop the bullshit hearsay remarks – which you have used over the years to caste false impressions.   I’m still waiting for you to sue me over your repeated “copyright infringement” claims.  I’m ready to go to court.  As to your recent “cease and desist” letter you sent me:  See this middle finger?   It’s my high sign to you to bring a complaint.  I have been waiting for years to see you in court.  I have the legal backing, financial resources and – most importantly – the TRUTH.

If you think I’m going to stand idle while you perpetuate myths about my character to your members who have never met me, only go by hearsay, you are wrong.  I will continue to set the record straight.

Why is it you’ve never told about August 4, 2008, Stefani?  When you interrupted the events at the B&B with your ridiculous copyright police act in the B&B Gift Shop, and then showed up at Oak Grove when they were taking pictures and gave one of the staff a made up legal document threatening a law suit?  Disruptive and cruel….could it be because Mecca is the one place your bullshit precedes you?

I don’t just think – I KNOW plenty of people in Fall River see through your self-promotion antics.   Shame on you.

The following was posted by Stefani Koorey today:
Site Admin

Joined: Mon Dec 01, 2003 5:09 pm
Posts: 100

Location: Fall River, MA
The time here is: 1:11 pm

Status: Offline

PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 11:36 am Post subject:  Smitty Reply with quote

Please read the attached image or the first paragraph of the post at the link at the end of this message to understand why I had to ban our member Smitty from posting further on this forum, after three posts.The rules of the Lizzie Borden Society Forum are clear: members must be real people and use their real names when joining. This person continues to break this rule and attempt to engage members here in discussions, mostly in an effort to send traffic to her site. Here I am providing a real link to her site, because she has outed herself.

This person has attempted over the years, sometimes with success, to join us using as many as a dozen different identities, both male and female. In one instance, posing as a male, she made personal contact (as a male) to several female members here, and, in some cases, flirted with them. This is unacceptable behavior, and speaks to a character that is not welcomed or condoned on this forum.

I am ever vigilant about confirming, beforehand, the identities of the members who ask to join us at the Lizzie Borden Society Forum. This time, as Smitty, the person used an anonymizer (anonymous proxy) to mask their identity and the origin of their posts. These are the lengths this person will go to in a never-ending attempt to trick you and me into believing they are someone they are not.

I apologize to you, our members, for having to once again be subjected to the attack. It is my intention, always, of keeping this forum a safe place for its members, and to ban anyone who tries to use this site for their sandbox.

If you feel you have been contacted privately by anyone from this site who you do not believe to be who they claim to be, feel free to contact me privately.

Stefani Koorey
Lizzie Borden Society Forum


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3 responses to “Stefani Koorey’s Bullshit

  1. Fiz

    August 28, 2009 at 3:21 PM

    I thought she was screwy ages ago and deleted her blog – yours is so much better. Don’t worry, Phaye, we love you. xxx

  2. Greta Litzens

    February 28, 2013 at 7:39 PM

    Didn’t she run for Mayor of Fall River and less than 300 people voted for her?

  3. Donna S. in Fall River

    October 9, 2014 at 11:40 PM

    I know her. I live in Fall River. She is a geek, but not mean. I don’t think she is 100% in the head but she seems smart to me.


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