Early Visits to Fall River

08 Sep

Before it was the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum, the house at 92 Second Street was the home of John and Josephine McGinn.  The history of the owners and occupants of the property can be found HERE.

Following are some photos of my early visits beginning in 1977.  Click on images for larger views.

scan0026Above views are looking south up Second Street with the old bus station on the west side of the street.    I used to conduct taped interviews of the old timers waiting for the bus and still listen occasionally to their remembrances of the old neighborhood.

scan0034The “House” always had gawkers but few ever allowed inside. Note the wrap-around Leary Press where the barn was once located.




Maple-Gray“Today” means the early 1980’s.

scan0013Note I received from John McGinn with their “new” postcard.


scan0038The Kelly’s wouldn’t recognize the place.

scan0015Thank you note from Josephine McGinn referencing the loss of her son, and mentioning her grandaughter, Martha, who subsequently was a co-inheritor of the property.

scan0027Top view is looking South.  The bells have since moved to the east side of City Hall.  The bottom view is looking north and City Hall is seen in the center background.

scan0025“Maplecroft” early 1980’s.  Similar images – one taken in the Fall and the other in the Winter.


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