Point Reflections

17 Nov

A print of this collage, which I created back in 1999, still hangs on the refrigerator at the Lizzie Borden B&B.

(click on image for larger view)

Back from visit Northeast with scads of voice mail, emails and snail mail to catch up on. Some pointed reflections that I may elaborate on later:

1. Twisted Restaurant in Hyde Park.

2. Two FR senior guys at Rosario’s – turns out one has a home at Rim Country Club Estates here in Payson.

3. Letters from Mary Hartley to Grace Hartley at Vassar in 1897…re “cousin in the news again”.

4. Letters from Mary Hartley to Grace Hartley Howe full of gossip about the “Rock Street people”.

5. Victoria’s Secret girls at the Lizzie Borden B&B.

6. Long chat with Michael Martins and Dennis Binette re Lizzie, their book, etc. (photos selected, galleys done, index done; awaiting blueline, altho new stuff still coming in).

7. Scallops and Lobster at the Liberal Club with Manny A. and his wife.

8. GalleryX Exhibit piece “Two Sides to Every Story”….couldn’t find artists contact info or I would have purchased it right then and there.

9. Interior of Abby Grille (Central Congregational Church) since the recent vandalism. Sickening. I’ll post pictures later.

10. “Blood Relations” in New Bedford Saturday night, then our mad dash back to the Eagle. What a ride!

11. FDR’s house, Vanderbilt Mansion, Val-Kil – thank you Margaret, D.A.R. member, and resident of Hyde Park.

12. Max the cat in window of the “bahn” late at night; red glow background (from Exit sign), foggy. Stunning effect.

13. Blueboy in parlor – couldn’t stop laughing.

14. Ken Champlin telephone calls.

15. Fall River Library – new piece by Macomber donated in memory of Jerome C. Borden – my personal fav.

16. Visit to FRPD and chat with Asst Chief Moniz.

17. Nice visit and Chinese lunch with Bob Dube. (Wonderful new look to the parlor).

18. Mayor’s office re disposition of WPA artist project of murals at Kuss Middle School.

19.  Viewing the grounds at Vassar in Poughkeepsie where Grace and Mary Howe attended.  (Grace lived in an apt there while Louis lived with the Roosevelts a their huge house).

Lots to do, little time. More later.


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