Time – Ain’t it a Bitch?

18 Nov

So do you have too much time on your hands but still can’t get done what needs to get done?  Feel like you are pressured for producing?  Feel like you are falling back on deadline promises?

Have you been unemployed for a long while and feel like there’s not enough time to make up for what you’ve lost?  Are you stressed that you are at the half century mark of your life and know that the  second half provides you less time than the first?

Is Time  slipping away or stretched out before you?  Do you yearn for “down time” or “me time” or are you already wallowing in it wishing you had more structured and lucrative activities to fill your Time?

Are you stuck at home most of the Time without discretionary funds for travel, eating out, donating to charities, I-phone upgrades, or gifts for friends?

Ever wonder what happens in the world “all the time”?

Well, click on this world clock.

Now, next time you put off getting that pedicure, meeting Mr. “Could be” Wonderful,  or publishing a long delayed magazine already paid for by customers, or just anything else, consider what has occurred in the world by that passage of Time.

Sometimes when we fail to meet deadlines, it’s not about Time at all.  It’s about money.  So much Time and so little money.   And when the clock keeps clicking and the money doesn’t come in….we move backwards.  We move further away from our goals, our youth,  and our Center of Contentedness.

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