The Bordens: More Irreverent Humor

17 Dec

Another blogger recently wrote:

“Below the frostline now lay today what remains of the sad, frozen bones of Abby and Andrew Borden- still headless, –  and now their likenesses and characters the fodder for irreverent cartoons, gift products and unspeakable accusations made without a shred of evidence.  Those who once were loved and walked among us.  Does the interval of Time allow for such insensitive liberties?  Is murder ever a source for humor?”

I don’t pretend to mourn the deaths of Andrew and Abby Borden.  I didn’t know them.  They didn’t walk amongst me.  Their deaths, tragic and horrible, were no less tragic and horrible than those of hundreds of thousands throughout history whose deaths were in service to our country, or the individual citizen who rushed towards fatal danger in  a sacrifice to save another.

The death of Abby and Andrew were no less tragic and horrible as are those of thousands of kidnapped, abused and murdered children of the last century, the last decade, the last year.  Those are the ones to which I can relate.  As can any mother.   I can mourn for my neighbor’s wife who just passed from cancer.  I knew her.  She walked amongst me.

But I will not pretend a sappy, maudlin and false sensitivity about mourning the death of Abby and Andrew Borden.  If humorous characterizations (and there are tons of them) are considered irreverent and those that consider them funny are insensitive, then so be it.  Let those who find it distasteful deal with it.   The interval of Time did not give birth to such liberties.  Irreverent humor has been a part of American culture since man first put pen to paper.

Let those who hide behind their works in the church and profess a reverent Christian POV (yes, I refer to the blogger quoted above of whom I know personally) while living a life of phony pretenses for purposes of popularity throw stones.  Myself, and many like me, are quite adept at dodging them.  Besides, if you believe in neither heaven nor hell the dictates of the Christian consequence are rendered moot.

Having said all that, I now present more such humor.  View them or not.  Like them or not.  (Click links below images – have sound on).

First, cut and paste this one.  It’s a hoot:

Andrew Borden, William Moody, John Morse and other familiar faces:

A modern Lizzie and Young John Morse:

Lizzie Borden does Carmen Miranda:

Lizzie says to Moody: “Let Me Entertain You”:


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