Lizzie Borden & Emma Borden – Handwriting Analysis

04 Feb

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It’s curious to note that the sisters signed the below Deed on the very same day, January 31st, 1910, although they had been separated for well over 4 years.  Emma had packed her belongings and moved out of their French Street house, “Maplecroft”, in late May of 1905.  If they both appeared before Charles C. Cook, long time property manager, at the same time (perhaps in his offices in the A.J. Borden Building) then the legend that once Emma moved out the sisters never spoke or saw each other again – can be debunked.  On the other hand, if the riff between the sisters still had salty wounds, they may have appeared before Charles at different times during that day.  Imagine if Charles screwed up and scheduled them for the same time.  Oh dear.

Anyway, Francis and Chester Gardner, sons of Leander Gardner, were farmers and it can be read about HERE.

In March of 1989, Frances Allbright, graphics evaluator, submitted her solicited evaluation of the personalities of Lizzie Borden and Emma Borden from an analysis of their handwriting to Florence Brigham of the Fall River Historical Society.

I dug up from my files this Swansea farm deed and post it here because it shows both their signatures (along with their business/real estate manager Charles Cook) from 1910, when they were older.

It is my recollection that Mrs. Brigham provided Allbright this document as well as a letter written by Lizzie, and Emma Borden’s postcard from Scotland written to Mrs. Brigham’s mother-in-law, Mary Brigham, a friend and witness for the Defense at Lizzie’s trial. It’s my recollection from a conversation but I am not certain these were the documents.

You can find out who Francis and Chester Gardner were and their lives by reading HERE.

Mrs. Allbright’s cover letter to Florence and her “profiles” of the sisters can be seen below. Personally, I tend to put more validity in such interpretations when the “evaluator” has no knowledge of the person doing the writing. It should be mentioned that these are not the only handwriting analyses of the Borden sisters that have been done, but you can draw your own conclusions with this particular evaulator.


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2 responses to “Lizzie Borden & Emma Borden – Handwriting Analysis

  1. acalloway09

    September 23, 2008 at 12:39 PM

    I believe that in these particular cases the importance of knowing the evidence is imperative. The case against these women is substantiated by hard evidence it seems. The handwritting could be the key linking factor to the case. Did the women have time to plead their case or get their point across to the public.To me the people that surround this case seem to be basing their conclusions on their own speculations. Make sure that when examining a case you have all the facts and all the evidence is factually based! This case is kind of interesting, because of the overall plot behind it.

  2. Donald Richards

    February 9, 2010 at 8:23 AM

    Great blogsite. Have been spending lots of time surfing thru the posts & categories. Have researched the Borden case for years and you seem to have the most knowledge of anyone I’ve come across from the many books I’ve collected. You should write one. I’d sure as hell buy it!


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