Travel Channel’s New Show to Focus on Borden Museum

15 Mar

Photo by Dave Souza, Herald News

From the Fall River Herald News we learn yet another t.v. feature on the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum will present itself come next September.

I posted the following “Comment” to the article:

“Like a moth to the flame, the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum brings in tourists to Fall River who spend their money in Fall River restaurants and elsewhere. Too bad the Oak Grove Cemetery doesn’t charge tourists at its gate. And don’t forget that most inquiries at the Fall River Historical Society are about Lizzie. In the summer they flock to the FRHS just to see their Bordenia collection. At least the visit gets them into the Highlands to see what else Fall River has to offer, such as one of the country’s greatest concentrations of Victorian homes and beautiful vistas of the Taunton River. And if they stay more than one night they might discover Battleship Cove and the Maritime Museum. The Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum is a unique B&B and the city of Fall River is lucky to have had it as a continuous tourist attraction for nearly 15 years.

The Travel Channel, like so many such shows of its genre, are constantly looking for new programming approaches to re-generate, re-spin, and re-structure a previously successful format. So ‘The Most This’ and ‘The Most That’ can now be altered using the ‘museum’ aspect. Some call it regurgitation, some call it clever marketing. No matter. It all works, and when aired serves to spike bookings at the B&B and that means more tourists for Fall River.

Shelly Dziedzic has ‘produced’ dozens of re-enactments at the B&B with no professional affiliations. Additionally, she has appeared in numerous professional reenactments for various t.v. documentaries. She’s pretty low-key about it and never trumpets ‘being famous’ because of Lizzie Borden. She just puts in the time and effort because she loves doing it. It’s not about the glory or fame with Shelley. It’s about the love of the case. It’s about the addictive quality of researching to find the answer – or confirmation of an answer already suspected. It’s about the compelling mystery of the case and the enigmatic star who has transcended into pop icon status.

I look forward to the Travel Channel’s new rendition of this case come September. It will be nice to see a new ‘Andrew Borden’ played by a different Fall River local for the first time, and the results of this case presented through a different lens.”


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