Remembering the 1992 Centennial Conference

21 Mar

Back from a business/pleasure trip to San Francisco the past few days where I met up with an old friend from the 1992 Lizzie Borden Centennial Conference at Bristol Community College in Fall River.  We talked about the upcoming book, Parallel Lives by the Fall River Historical Society.  My friend reminded me of the gal at the Conference who said her grandmother was a traveling companion to Lizzie after the Trial.   So when I got back to Payson, I pulled out some of my folders and looked thru the newspapers.  We wondered if the “Trudi” alluded to was Gail Howard’s grandmother.  Gail is pictured in the newspapers below, along with Marvin Schneider and Mary Cusack.

In this slide show which follow’s next,  you will see:

Bob Flynn, publisher of the fascimile of Edwin Porter’s Fall River Tragedy and other Borden related books.

Kenneth Sousa who was right hand to Jules Rychebusch in producing the 1992 Centennial, and who made the film A Century of Fascination which premiered at that Conference.  Ken also was the first editor of the Lizzie Borden Quarterly.

Patterson Smith, antiquarian book seller of Montclaire, New Jersey who sold me my first copy of an original Porter.

Florence Brigham, who was already the Curator Emeritus of the Fall River Historical Society in 1992 and at age 92 was still giving tours and answering questions to the crowds who flocked to look at their Lizzie exhibit.  Florence was one of a kind and is greatly missed by all who knew this most lovely and generous human being.

Click on image for larger “slideshow” view.

Dwight Jennings Waring was the grandson of Andrew Jennings, Lizzie’s defense attorney.  He lived a long life, passing away just last year.  This  photo was taken by Frank W. Knowlton, Jr.,   grandson of District Attorney Hosea Knowlton.   It was Frank’s father who supplied much of his father’s (Hosea’s) case documents to author Edmund Pearson, and it was Frank, Jr. who subsequently donated the “Knowlton Papers” to the Fall River Historical Society in August of 1989.   One of my fondest memories of that time was listening to Frank and Dwight discussing Lizzie and the case from their personal perspectives immediately after our tour of Maplecroft.  They were both kind and wonderful gentlemen whom I remember fondly.

The following article on Mr. Rychebusch’s take on the murders is a doozy:


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One response to “Remembering the 1992 Centennial Conference

  1. Rhys

    October 30, 2012 at 2:31 PM

    I’m so glad I dropped in to read this today! I’m
    not sure if I disagree with any of it really … effectively said!

    I’ll enroll for your RSS feed and bookmark your website so I could return to read even more. Thank you so much!


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