Stephen Borden’s Website

24 Mar

Stephen Borden has been hard at work the past few months on his website which I’ve long had included in my own Blogroll (see listing on the right).

He recently added the Hattie Borden Weld’s Borden Genealogy on his home page.  This work has been used by researchers and genealogists for  over a hundred years and even though its not perfect, it’s an amazing effort considering it was compiled long before computers, let alone the IBM Correcting Selectric typewriter!  This was one of the very first books I began to collect on the Bordens and Fall River because it came so highly recommended by Florence Brigham, past Curator Emeritus of the Fall River Historical Society.  I had spent hours in the basement pouring over their copy.   Oh, how much easier it is in this digital age!

At Stephen’s Home Page, by clicking his link, “Other Stuff” you’ll find he has a nice assemblage of old Fall River maps and old photos, as well as the complete online versions of Arthur S. Phillips History of Fall River.(Phillips, a life long supporter of Lizzie’s innocence,  had served on the defense team).  You’ll find his stunning accomplishment by simply clicking “Vol. I”, “Vol. II”, “Vol. III” and they will come up as .pdf files.  Those volumes are online elsewhere on the web but I like that the way the links are all arranged on one page within Stephen’s blog.

There’s so much more, so do yourself a favor and spend some time at Stephen Borden’s website.


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