Bordenia Goolash

28 Mar

Here’s a serving up of Bordenia Goolash – a mix of random selections most all with our Lizzie Borden in mind :

From PC Guru Goddess, Kim Komando, comes info on this nifty “cool site of the day” called Flame. Have some fun creating your own art, save and print.  From the images you create, you could then have them transferred on to your own stationery, buttons, framed prints, whatever.

Above created with Flame, a free program.

The cellar steps at 92 Second Street, Fall River – the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum.  Not often shown on the web, this photo was taken August 4, 2007.  This is where Bridget lugged clean clothes to hang out to dry, and where Lizzie said she found a “ten penny nail” in the door keyhole when the house was “robbed” a year before the murders.

The Borden barn being demolished.  You can see the Churchill house and gazebo from across the barn “loft”.

1892 perspective to previous photo

Award Winning author Lisa Mannetti’s new book!

Can you spot the errors and omissions?

The silver cup Abby gave to Lizzie – from Leonard Rebello’s Lizzie Borden Past and Present

Left to Right:

Nathan Bosworth Gardner, father of Preston, brother of Henry Augustus; Mary Hicks Gardner, wife of Nathan and mother of Preston; Preston Hicks Gardner – Emma’s “financial advisor”.

Cool fan from 1992 Conference

Front staircase, 92 Second Street, Spring 2001.

TV Guide ad for Paramount Studio’s 1975 “Legend of Lizzie Borden”

Nance O’Neil’s ashes repose with her husband’s, Alfred Devereux Hickman, at Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery in Glendale, Ca.

From David Rehak’s book

Copy of the actual Lizzie Borden’s Will

Was he a dirty old man?

From Christopher Moon comes this:

“Moon says his evidence suggests that Andrew Borden was not only tightfisted, but cold and abusive to his daughters.

“Andrew Borden was one of the most sick, disgusting men who ever lived,” Moon tells a group gathered in the home’s basement for Ghost Hunter’s University, a two-day crash course into the world of paranormal investigations.””


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