Red Acre Farm & Lizzie’s Horses

05 Apr

Red Acre Farm near Boston (Stow) was founded in 1903.

Their  “Our History” page – about their first 100 years – reveals the following:

“One note of general historical interest was the presence in one of Red Acre’s barns of two brass plaques, memorials to two horses named Malcolm and Kenneth. The horses had belonged to Lizzie Borden. Lizzie was born in 1860 in Fall River, Massachusetts and in June, 1893 she was tried for the ax murder of her father and step-mother. The jury found her not guilty, but the murder and trial attracted national attention. She died in 1927. In an article that appeared in The Boston Globe on July 22, 1958, Ted Ashby quoted Miss Bird as saying, “They were Lizzie Borden’s horses…though they never were stabled here. But she wanted the plaques installed in their memory”.

It’s a fair assumption to state Lizzie was granted the mounting of the plaques in consideration of her prior cash donations to the Farm.   Her good friend, Helen Leighton, was head of the Boston Animal Rescue League located nearby.  Helen probably told Lizzie of this horse  farm.  I find it a tad amusing that Lizzie, so fond of Scottish novels and having given her canine pets Scottish names, did the same with her horses.


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