“I did not ransom my life in order to study Lizzie’s.”

27 Jul

Angela Stryck wrote a wonderful response to this other blog of mine but it really should be posted here.  I’m posting it in its entirety here – it’s that good. Thank you Angela. (You can read my reply comment by clicking “Comment” on the original post.)


“Wow, I had the same epiphany during and shortly after the 1992 conference. I wasn’t becoming a grandmother, however. I was in the process of making a major career change, and knew that preparing for it (returning to school) would consume all hours not devoted to my then-current occupation as a tax auditor.

As fascinating as this locked-room (ok, house) mystery is, I realized, in 1992, that I had read everything readily available. I had made pilgrimages to Mrs. Brigham in March of 1990, September of 1990 and then again in Aug. 1992. There was nothing more to be done; it was not likely that anything new would be uncovered. Everyone (except Mrs. Brigham) was gone, and all the secrets with them. It will never be solved.

Don’t get me wrong–I still love to read about the case, especially now that we have the web. I am glad I decided at that time to have a life outside of Lizzie. As for the career change? Didn’t turn out exactly as I expected, but in healing from what did happen I have found a spiritual perspective that I likely would not have sought and found if things had gone “my way”. You would not believe the road I have travelled.

Ahh, this does bring back memories. I have not been to Fall River since the conference. As for the bed and breakfast, I would love to go someday–I have had that floor plan in my head since Robert Sullivan’s book in 1975.

Thanks, Faye, for all you have done for Borden lovers. Isn’t it great to gracefully release the Lizzie addiction in order to make room for things that really matter? Put another way, I am glad I did not ransom my life to in order to study Lizzie’s.

(It is almost certain you don’t remember me from the conference, unless you recall a young woman who brought her yorkie in a sherpa dog bag to all three days of the conference. (I think it was three days, anyway.)”
Angela Stryck 27 July 2010 at 5am

“I did not ransom my life in order to study Lizzie’s.”

Thank you, Angela, for that significantly poignant phrase.

Click HERE for the background and Angela’s story.

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