The Three Lizzie Bordens

07 Aug

Spooky Southcoast Radio with Tim Weisberg, Matt Costa and Matt Moniz did a special show just prior to the 118th anniversary of the Borden murders and again invited me to be a guest.   This was their teaser for the show: CLICK

In this July 31, 2010 broadcast I talk about the three Lizzie Bordens.  The first is the Lizzie from her birth to 1890 – the one often described as odd and sulky, the one who quit high school her junior year.   The second is the post Grand Tour Lizzie Borden who came back  after 19 weeks abroad a changed woman, steeled in her reserve to get more, i.e., the things her father’s money could buy.  The third Lizzie is the post acquittal Lizzie who lived the entire second half of her life up on the “Hill” in a home she named “Maplecroft”.  This is the Lizzie shunned by most in her society that knew Lizzie 1 and Lizzie 2 , but whose loyal friends (including servants and travel companions)  would  all speak of or document her kind and gentle nature.  They only knew the third Lizzie.

I also reveal for the first time some documented proof concerning a theory of motive.

You can listen to the program immediately by clicking HERE.


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