“We are ruined forever.” -Emma Borden

30 Aug

Here are some random selections – some insightful – all amusing.  You have to read the articles.  The last page of the last article has Emma’s quote.  Surely she was more worried than Lizzie.  Certainly she had a better handle on the import of the entire mess regardless of the verdict.  Lizzie was to find out later what Emma meant.

Photos of Bridget Sullivan, Alice Russell and John Morse have been few and far between (hopefully more are part of the 500 plus photos in the Fall River Historical Society’s new book, Parallel Lives), but these sketches bring a chuckle if not accuracy.

(Click on images for larger view.)

Alice Russell

Emma Borden

John Morse

Includes Dr. Bowen

This one shows where the principles sat inside the rail.  Lizzie, outside the rail, often had the good Reverends Buck & Jubb next to her or sister, Emma.

This is one of my favorite newspaper articles in my collection because we get to hear how Lizzie herself said she would have done the murders were she guilty.  It is told by Mary Livermore who heard it from Lizzie.  Also the article tells us Lizzie was not found unbalanced by Dr. Page.

Lizzie’s driver to and from the court believed in her innocence.

Mary Livermore was a friend of Lizzie’s mother, Sarah Morse Borden, and staunchly believed in Lizzie’s innocence.  She gave newspaper interviews both while Lizzie was incarcerated (where she visited her) and after the trial when Lizzie stayed with her for several days.  Livermore took a lot of flak from the press but gave as good as she got in those given during Lizzie’s visits.  But in this particular article little could Mrs. Livermore know how sharply she sliced upon the dynamic of the Borden household.  In telling of Emma’s relationship she misses the point of that influence upon a little Lizzie growing up.  Also, I think those quotes of Lizzie are high drama, almost Oscar worthy, but they are very insightful into the mind of Lizzie as well.

Lizzie’s quotes before the verdict.  Emma saying they are “ruined forever”.

Now just where did those Lizzie letters to Mary Livermore end up?  Hmmm?


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