Joseph Tetrault – Pleads Guilty to Adultry

08 Sep

Joseph Tetrault (pronounced “Tatro”) was Lizzie Borden’s chauffeur.  He was supposedly a handsome man, popular with the ladies.  Emma didn’t like him.  Some have speculated he was the reason, or one of the reasons, Emma moved out in 1905.  Apparently Lizzie had fired him once, but then re-hired him.

Flashback to July 1, 1893.  A mere two weeks since Lizzie was acquitted and just 3 days before she and Emma would buy the home on French Street, this little blurb appeared in the Fall River Daily Herald concerning one “Joseph Tetrault” who entered a plea of Guilty on Adultry charges with one Mary Soucie.   This may or may not be Lizzie’s chauffeur.   Perhaps his reputation followed him more than a decade later.  Perhaps Emma heard from others about his past.  She would not have approved.  Oh dear, no she wouldn’t.  This little blurb is referenced many times in various books and essays on the case.  Pretty thin.   But it could be the same scalawag.

More interesting is the mention of Dr. Bowen’s horse.


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3 responses to “Joseph Tetrault – Pleads Guilty to Adultry

  1. Fiz

    September 9, 2010 at 10:08 AM

    I have always felt that Lizzie must be guilty (just read the Evan Hunter book – I can’t think how I missed it!) or Mary Sullivan aided and and abetted her, but there is a very small bit of me that feels that Lizzie had such awful parents and now , it appears, a sanctimonious sister, that I don’t think I could condemn Lizzie! No-one saw Lizzie do it and there was not blood on her. Not Guilty!

  2. Linda

    November 20, 2011 at 9:19 PM

    I was always told that my grandmother’s first cousin was the chauffeur for the borden’s before, during, and after the murders and that Lizzie put some of his son’s through medical school anyway of finding out if there is any truth to that? did he have son’s – did they go to medical school?

    • phayemuss

      November 20, 2011 at 9:43 PM

      There was no Borden chaueffeur “before or during” the murders. There were several chaueffeurs to Lizzie & Emma after they moved to Maplecroft. Ernst Terry and his family received legacys from Lizzie’s Will. Detailed info about it all can be found in Parallel Lives. You should order it. 🙂


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