Ric Rebelo’s new film on Lizzie Borden

16 Oct

Lizbeth:  A Victorian Nightmare

Ric Rebelo’s film on Lizzie Borden Lizbeth: A Victorian Nightmare, was created as his master’s thesis project and was over two years in the making.   It will also be showing at the Rhode Island International Horror Festival, Providence, RI, 2:00 pm, Sunday, October 24.  It will premiere on  television as a regional broadcast by Rhode Island PBS on October 30 and 31 at 7:00 pm.

For those that don’t live in the New England area within the broadcast range and wish to see Lizzie experts Jules Rychebusch, Kenneth Souza, Stefani Koorey, Shelley Dziedzic, actress Jill Dalton and Lee-ann Wilber, you can visit the website  and purchase your copy of the DVD for only $20.00 by clicking HERE.

The DVD has a “special bonus feature” which is part of the interview I did with Mr. Rebelo for this film back in November of 2009.   It’s an interesting story why I’m not in the film per se, but instead presented as a special feature on the DVD.  If you care to hear about  it, email me.   🙂

I have already seen this film in its entirety in final form and it is terrific!  Ric does a wonderful job injecting the pop culture phenomenon, and both Jules Rychebusch and Kenneth Souza who have substantial footage explain well what happened and why Lizzie endures.   I recommend it to everyone interested in the Lizzie Borden case and Lizzie collectibles.

Those of you who are fans of the paranormal t.v. shows, there are a couple of new ones coming up about 92 Second Street:  Ghost Lab Investigation on the Discovery Channel.  Check it out for air times in your area.


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