Conveyance of the French Street Property to Lizzie & Emma

23 Oct

Lizzie Borden’s Trial ended with a Not Guilty verdict on June 20, 1893.  By July 12 it was reported in local papers that Lizzie and Emma had purchased the French Street house.  They had first considered the “Butterworth” house but the deal didn’t go through.

The papers had been filled with articles about the sisters, the case, the verdict, the upcoming election for Attorney General, Lizzie’s visit to Taunton, the “bombshell” about a new suspect never brought foreward in court (will post soon), challenges to the FR Police to begin a new search for the killer, etc. etc.

Less than two months after the Trial, Lizzie and Emma were purchasing the property at (then) 7 French Street.

On August 10, 1893 the below document conveying the property from Charles W. Allen and his wife Atta was written in the hand of Charles C. Cook, Lizzie and Emma’s property manager.  (Cook had served their father for years, became Executor in Lizzie’s will and was a subsequent legatee in both their wills 34 years later.)

Click on images for larger view.

This Deed was written only 6 days after the first of the Fall River Globe’s anniversary articles on the Borden murders.   Reports of Lizzie and Emma’s move into the so called “mansion” didn’t circulate until wagon loads of their furniture and other possessions were observed being moved out of the 92 Second Street property.   There were raised eyebrows and wagging tongues within the society on the Hill about the speed in which the girls moved there.

The article below is from the New York Times, most likely read by Julian Ralph, Sun Reporter who wrote about the girls post Trial on September 24, 1893.

Well, that last sentence sorta says it all, doesn’t it?   Also, if it was true that as Executrix of Andrew’s estate, Emma was required to do those filings to account for it, where are they?   Hmmm.  Good job, Mr. Jennings.   😉


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