An Unusual Occurrence at the Fall River Historical Society

07 Nov

Today marks just one week and one day when I set off the alarm at the Fall River Historical Society.  I had spent about 3 hours there the day before chatting with Michael Martins and Dennis Binette about their new book, Parallel Lives.  That evening I noted a stone from my ring was missing and thought perhaps it had fallen out on the floor in the room we were in and was returning to check up on that.

Mistakenly thinking they opened at 10:00 am, I opened the outer door, walked in and stepped up to the inner wooden door, opened that and stepped up.  It was dark, silent.  I called out “Anybody here?”  I took one step towards the gift shop and at that instant the alarm began its loud alert.  “Hmmmm” thought I, “something’s amiss.”

I calmly walked out back to my car to await the police, wondering if one of the elderly volunteers had entered, collapsed of a heart attack before having a chance to program the alarm to off mode, and consequently lay dead on the floor.

Within a minute,  two nearby neighbors were charging toward the structure in response to the bellowing alarm.   I got out of my car and approached them, identifying myself and explaining what happened.  They were concerned knowing the place was not yet opened but decided to await police arrival.

Within 3 minutes, a police unit arrived.  He first circled the block in search of any suspect fleeing on foot.  He soon returned, and after explaining it was I who triggered the alarm and was now concerned about a dead body on the floor, the officer asked me to wait outside while he entered, gun drawn.

In another minute, a second police unit responded and that officer joined the other for a cursory search inside.

So I stood over by my car talking to the two neighbors, waiting for what they found.   Nothing.  No dead body.  (I’m rather macabre at times).

Within 10 minutes of the alarm sounding, Curator Michael Martins was on the scene.  He did a check with the officers.   Michael came out and told me the cleaning crew, who I had apparently just missed when I arrived, had mistakenly thought the other had locked up.  So all was well, and I got a chance to meet and chat with the owner of the Anna Borden house, diagonally across the street, and who was one of the “first responders.”

The next day, Halloween, I was back at the FRHS for the book signing of Tim Weisberg’s new book,  Ghosts of the Southcoast.

Barbara Morrissy, JoAnne Giovino, Michael Martins, Dennis Binette, and me

Co-owner Lee-ann Wilber, gift shop manager Will Clawson and me at Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum gift shop.

BTW, never did find the missing stone to my ring.

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One response to “An Unusual Occurrence at the Fall River Historical Society

  1. Fiz

    November 16, 2010 at 6:50 AM

    Bad luck about your ring, Faye. My daughter lost the tanzanite out of her 16th birthday ring while she was acting and it was never found! Had to buy a new stone!


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