Lizzie Borden: Oh Jeez, Will They Never Get it Right?

20 Jan

I’ve written about this before, but, please, can they never get it right??

What part of “hatchet” don’t they (all those playwrights, bloggers, cartoonists, etc.) understand?  Don’t they bother “Googling” images of Andrew Borden and even Lizzie herself?

I swear, except for Sharon Pollocks award winning play, Blood Relations, which first premiered in 1980, I’ve yet to see any production that captures the reality of the case and is based on facts.  I take that back.  Jill Dalton does an incredibly on-point presentation of our inscrutable Miss Lizzie in her outstanding one-act, one woman play, Lizzie Borden Live! But that’s it.

As I said in the previous post, the tip off is the word “Zombie”.  So, again as I stated, I’m awaiting a “based on fact” production, be it musical or drama, that depicts Lizzie as a vampire.

You wait, kids.  I’m sure it’s coming.   Hmmmm.  Maybe I’ll write it myself.  I can see it now:  Lizzie, donning her black cape and skulking about Fall River in the dead of night, cape spread out against the moonlit night, soaring  over the homes of Marshall Hilliard, Alice Russell and, of course, Hiram Harrington.  Returning to “Maplecroft”, she shape-shifts back to her normal form, slips into a fine silk nightgown, picks up some popular soppy romance novel like The Yoke, and retires to bed.  Her blood red eyes turning pale blue.   She sleeps deeply until awakened by the chirping birds – and a new day dawns.

Lizzie the Zombie.  Coming to a local theater near you.  Somebody just shoot me now.


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2 responses to “Lizzie Borden: Oh Jeez, Will They Never Get it Right?

  1. Shannon Alberale

    February 3, 2011 at 8:33 AM

    Hi Faye! Tom and I very much enjoyed meeting you at the “Trial of Lizzie Borden”, and thank you again for the drinks at the Hollywood Roosevelt. We’ve been following your blog and waiting for the review of the play, of which we still agree with you! (LOL) We still hope to stop by your place in Payson and visit with you when we take our Grand Canyon trip in the early summer. Please write that review – you write so well!!!
    Your friends,
    Tom and Shannon

  2. Christine Verstraete

    July 20, 2016 at 9:18 AM

    Yes.. it’s coming… in print (Sept. 13, 2016) – Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter by C.A. Verstraete.. “What if Lizzie ‘did’ do it.. because she had no other choice?”


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