Maplecroft – Through the Years

02 Feb

Maplecroft, aka 306 French Street, Fall River, was the much loved  and prideful residence of Lizzie Borden.  She lived there the entire second half of her life.

The interior is well preserved by its current owner, Robert Dube.

The Mass. Historical Commission has incorrect information.  The document states the Borden sisters moved there in 1894.  In fact, Lizzie and Emma purchased the home not long after Lizzie’s Trial:

June 18, 1893 – Lizzie declared Not Guilty

August 10, 1893 – Deed recorded for (then) 7 French Street in Lizzie and Emma’s names.

September 2, 1893 – Lizzie & Emma move into (later named) “Maplecroft”

(circa 1974)




(Notice “Bed & Breakfast” sign bottom of lower right window).

(For a short while, Mr. Dube covered up where the top step is carved “Maplecroft”)


There are certain places in Fall River that are photographed repeatedly by tourists and visitors: 92 Second Street (specifically, the living room sofa); Oak Grove Cemetery (specifically Lizzie’s grave); and her French Street home (specifically the carved “Maplecroft” step).




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One response to “Maplecroft – Through the Years

  1. Jessica M.

    February 2, 2011 at 4:29 PM

    This really brought back some memories because I grew up in Fall River. Our family lived on Belmont Street near Maple. I can remember the Silvias who owned the property before Mr. Dube. Wonderful pictures. Thank you so much.


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