Incredibly Priced Lizzie Borden Collectibles for Sale – Part 1

24 Apr


I’ve received several emails about the Spinner books and so am providing a couple links.  Scroll down HERE to see all the out of print Spinner books such as those listed.  HERE is another good link for general information on all the Spinner publications.

I have also indicated in purple below the items that have already been sold since posting this blog.  Remember, more are coming!

These collectible items are guaranteed to be the lowest price you’ll find anywhere.  Many of these items include surprise bonuses, often worth more than the item itself!

These items will be sold on a first come first serve basis upon receipt of a money order or personal check.  NO PAY PAL.  Send an email to me at stating the Item(s) number(s). and your address.  I will reply with the total price.  But note that some items are FREE DELIVERY.

More items will be listed in a few days on my Collectibles page, so if you don’t see what you want here, watch for “Incredibly Priced Lizzie Borden Collections for Sale – Part 2”.  CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW.

Item #1Lizzie Borden – A Study in Conjecture by Mrs. Belloc Lowndes.  1st edition with dust jacket.  Rare.                Price:  $65.00 plus postage

Item #2:  Collectible fan produced for the World Premiere of Slaughter on Second Street, a play by David Kent.  This fan was issued in limited quantity for the 1992 Lizzie Borden Centennial held at Bristol Community College, Fall River, August 1992.               PRICE:  $10.00 (with Bonus)

Item #3:  Compendium book, “The Legend 100 Years after the crime – a conference on the Lizzie Borden Case, edited by Prof. Jules Rychebusche.  This book contains essays submitted from the Call for Papers for the 1992 Centennial on Lizzie Borden.     PRICE  $25 plus postage  (with Bonus)

Item #4:  Three Casebooks as shown.  Includes 3 sepia tone Bordenia postcards and postcard of Rebello’s Lizzie Borden Past & Present.  Casebook issues feature various crimes, solved and unsolved, and includes one special featured crime among the others in each issue.  From left to right in the images below:  “The Perfect Murder” (William Wallace); “Death for Sale”, (Judge Peel, Mother Duncan & Childs & MacKenny); “The Fatal Triangle” (Harry Thaw).      SOLD      Price  $15.00.  FREE DELIVERY

Item #5:  The Earl Charlton Story.   Earl P. Charlton was one of the first tenants of Andrew Borden’s new building on Main & Anawan Streets.  Starting out a a 5 & dime he partnered with Woolworths and became the richest man in Fall River.  His contributions have resulted in the premiere hospital of Fall River.                             Price:  $10 plus postage

Item #6:  Currently the premiere book on Lizzie Borden by Leonard Rebello (pending the publication of the Fall River Historical Society’s Parallel Lives, this book usually sells for $200 or more.  It is the definitive ‘go to” book.    AUTOGRAPHED.           Price:  $75.00 plus postage

Item #7:  Liberty Magazine, Fall 1972.  Includes wonderful 8-page article on the Borden case with illustrations, including the cut out images of the Borden house.                 Price $10 plus postage (with special Bonus)

Item #8:  Lizzie Borden Research & Reference CD ROM, includes Witness Statements, Coroner’s Inquest, Preliminary Hearing and Trial.  Also has over 2,000 images, complete books in WORD (Private Disgrace, Fall River Tragedy, etc. etc.), special essays and MORE.  Fantastic bargain. This is most comprehensive and a researcher’s dream.       Price $20 FREE DELIVERY PLUS BONUS!

Item #9:  Police Files, June 1964, with another terrific article on the Borden case.                                                  PRICE $7.00 with surprise Bonus.

Item #10:  DVD  The Curse of Lizzie Borden (Director’s cut), and book The Most Evil Women in History by Shelley Klein, like new with dust jacket.                                                   Price $15.00 plus postage.

Item #11:  Spinner – People & Culture in Southeastern Massachusetts – Vol. II.  This has wonderful, in depth articles and tons of photos, particularly of New Bedford & Fall River.  Long out of print and hard to find. Wonderful history.                                                         Price $15.00 plus Bonus.

Item #12:  This is a two volume series of photographs I took when visiting the “Lizzie Borden Story” in Salem, Ma.  The exhibit has since gone out of business but my photos take you on a chronological excursion of everything displayed.  If you never went there, this “history” is preserved in these photographs.      SOLD      Price:  $15.00.  FREE POSTAGE.

Item #13:  Spinner – People & Culture in Southeastern Massachusetts – Vol. 1. and The Run of the Mill, a Pictorial Narrative of the Expansion, Dominion, Dedcline and Enduring Impact of the New England Textile Industry by Steve Dunwell, 1978.  Out of Print.      PRICE: $35 Plus postage.

Item #14:  Historic Fall River – a special publication prepared for the City of Fall River by The Preservation Partnership, 1978. 120 pages of illustrations and text on Fall River’s architecture, i.e. Victorian, Romanesque, Gothic Revival, etc., and Fall River neighborhoods.  Any Borden case afficionado will recognize many of the structures.  Long out of print, hard to find.      SOLD       Price:  $25 plus postage.   Comes with a BONUS!

Item #15:  David Rehak’s Did Lizzie Borden Axe for It?.  Revised 2005.  This book has been printed in 3 different revisions.  To own all 3 is a collector’s objective.  Second book is Agnes deMille’s A Dance of Death – the story of her research into the Borden case which resulted in her ballet,  Fall River Legend.                        Price: $22.00 plus postage.

Item #16:  DVD The Legend of Lizzie Borden – 1975 Paramount Pictures made-for-t.v. starring Elizabeth Montgomery.   Price:  $15 plus Bonus!

Item #17:  Collectible Lizzie Borden ceramic coffee mug, plus model of the Lizzie Borden house woodcut which was issued in limited quantity and hard to find.                  Price:  $22 plus Postage.  SPECIAL BONUS.

Item #18:  The Knowlton Papers – edited by the Fall River Hitorical Society, Michael Martins and Dennis Binette.  This is a coveted collectible that usually sells between $200 and $400.  This book is surely to go up in value and be in demand when Parallel Lives is published.  Excellent condition and comes with the dust jacket.                   Price: $90 plus postage.                     


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2 responses to “Incredibly Priced Lizzie Borden Collectibles for Sale – Part 1

  1. Anonymous

    October 14, 2014 at 6:39 AM

    i would like to purchase item 17 if still for sale ?

  2. phayemuss

    October 17, 2014 at 7:42 PM

    Sorry, the price was so good it sold quickly.


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