Lizzie Borden – A Contemporary Woman

20 May

Recycled But Edited Post.  Why?  Because I can.  (I’m a closet anarchist at heart).

What would Lizzie Borden look like if she had been born in 1980 instead of 1860? She would be 29 years old, rich, unmarried, extremely well read, possessed of great taste in clothing, art, literature and might have looked like these offerings:

The sophisticated Lizzie dines at only the best restaurants where she never has to wait for a table.

Avant Garde Lizzie likes both classic and rock music.  Impressed by Susan Boyle as well as Pink, both of whom she emulates.

The author Lizzie whose book on “Terriers and Tiaras” was a best seller in the New England area poses for her book jacket cover.

The reclusive Lizzie who finally said: “Screw it.  I’m wearing my hair the way I like it.”

Often criticized in print for signing a one million dollar contract with Breck Shampoo, Lizzie strikes a fetching pose.

The society matron “Lisbeth Borden”  rarely misses a major charity event, often escorted by Johnathan Summerfield Brayton III.

Insisting she’s only 25, Miss Borden pushes the envelope when she also states she’s a natural blonde.

Miss Borden was snapped  at the Liberty Theatre in New Yorkattending the premiere of “Lizzie Borden the Rock Musical”.    “Loved it!  Positively loved it!” she said.

We’ve been wondering about Miss Lisbeth Borden all summer when she finally surfaced looking pale and sickly.  Rumors abound she’s very close friends of late with Lindsay Lohan.

Back to her brunette-with-the reddish hew-hair, Miss Borden was spotted dining at  Spago’s with an identified escort who was asked if he had smeared her lipstick.

Well, not likely. Instead, she remains that compelling, enigmatic persona with the “axe” as depicted below. Poor Lizzie. She might as well have lived in an era of society’s insatiable celebrity obsession. She would have been the TMZ queen, hounded by paparazzi’s and in and out of rehab just for some “alone” time.

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