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From today’s Fall River Herald News – click HERE.  (Also, click “Swansea” on the Categories listing to the right to see more posts about Luther’s Museum).

Jul. 2nd, 2007

Luther’s Museum is home to the Swansea Historical Society. For over 100 years known as “Luther’s Four Corners”, it is where Uncle John Morse had his evening meal on Wednesday, August 3, 1892. Uncle Morse had retrieved some farm-fresh eggs at Andrew’s Swansea farm on Gardner’s Neck Road, not far away. And it makes a body wonder why left over mutton was served when fresh eggs were on hand that fateful Thursday morning.

If you ask about them, the operators of the Museum will let you see and photograph some chairs purported to have come from the farm house and owned by Lizzie. They have accommodated many people who’ve heard about the chairs and delight in having their picture taken with “something that belonged to Lizzie.”

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The images below are my own.

The “Luther Museum” structure has an engraving outside which explains the history and importance of the Luther family to Swansea.

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