The Story of Lizzie Borden – My Interest & Theories on the Murders

01 Aug

The following interview with film maker Ric Rebelo was conducted in the parlor of the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, 92 Second Street, Fall River, in November of 2009.  Click the “Click to Play” and after the advertisement ends there will be about a 10 second pause and then the video will begin.   You can also click the monitor icon for full screen view.  It runs about 16 minutes.  Enjoy.

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3 responses to “The Story of Lizzie Borden – My Interest & Theories on the Murders

  1. Peter Harkness

    November 5, 2010 at 2:22 AM

    Interesting theory, but it is still difficult to believe Lizzie Borden committed the murders, given what little time she had to hide evidence and remove blood stains.

    Blood is not easy to clean up. Ask any nurse or doctor — getting blood out from between cracks in the skin, below fingernails, etc, takes a long time — even with hot water and soap. Whoever killed the Bordens must have had blood on them. Police testimony states that there was blood on the door frame near the sitting room couch — streaks made by the murderer lifting the weapon used to strike Mr Borden’s head. Lizzie would have gotten some blood on her face/hair/dress after murdering her father, even if she wore his coat back-to-front. It would only need to have been a little bit of blood to be noticed. Neighborhood women were *doting* on Lizzie seconds after the murders. They would have seen a few drops of blood in her hair, on her skin, on her dress…something.

    Also, if true, this theory necessarily means Lizzie was in possession of the murder weapon. Could she have hid it permanently within 15 minutes of committing the second murder? Doubtful.

    Another element of the crime this theory doesn’t address: Wasn’t Lizzie wearing the same dress all morning? If she murdered Mrs Borden and changed, did she have two identical dresses? Doesn’t the maid, Brigid Sullivan, clearly state that Lizzie was wearing the same light blue dress the entire morning?

    Having Lizzie as the murderer means you have to assume Lizzie killed her step-mother, then within 60 minutes (the time her activity was unaccounted for by the maid) she changed into an identical dress, cleaned up, and hid any evidence. Again, unlikely given that blood is not easy to conceal. She then gets only 15 minutes to kill her father, clean up, and hide the murder weapon for good before being seen again. That just seems unlikely to me.

    The police searched the house after the murders. Though their search was not microscopic, they probably would have found remnants of a clean-up operation.

    There is also a spurious report of a man seen leaping over the Borden fence after the murders (a 12-year-old kid reported this) and a man seen leaping into the yard and hiding in the barn the night before. Maybe these are not true but they were reported.

    I think a third person (not Lizzie or the maid) committed those murders and took the evidence with them.

  2. Anonymous

    September 21, 2011 at 7:30 AM

    You have a good point,know one will ever truly know who killed the Bordens, but the killer…. and from the looks of it they will never tell.

  3. Dave

    September 15, 2013 at 9:30 AM

    All great statements. But, has anyone heard of a step brother named BILLY BORDEN who killed horses for a living? He was “crazy” and I believe he was set up by Lizzie to do her dirty work. He was found poisened and hanged on New Boston Rd after the murders. Research this. You will be amazed. Lizzie had found out about BILLY and was distraught for two reasons. The first being her father was cheating and had a son he kept quiet. The second being now Lizzie would have to share her fathers money with a step mom, sister and this new step brother which mad her furious. She finds who this Billy is, speaks to him and talks him into believing that if both parents are dead,not Billy’s mother, but Lizzies mom, Lizzie will cut him into the share of money. He does the job, and is murdered a short time later. Lizzie wins…..That is the strange male that is seen hopping the fence by the young boy. He also slept in the barn the night before. A young boys testimony is more believable than a corrupt adults. All testimony was bought and paid for back then by Lizzie.


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