Special Exhibit at Fall River Historical Society

14 Nov


The curators of the Fall River Historical Society posted on Facebook today an update of their now completed labors in holiday decorating, the upcoming book signing of Parallel Lives, and a special exhibit pertaining to Lizzie Borden showing ….well, you read it.

News from the FRHS Facebook page:

“Fall River Historical Society

Looks great but requires a terrific amount of labor, and what a messy process – glitter everywhere, pine needles, and masses of flocking, which is terrible stuff. Glad that phase is over. We were down to the wire when we started and went into it with no set ideas or themes – really “winged it” this year, but successfully, I think. The music room is done in a Byzantine theme with angels in jewel-tone velvet, ornaments of various appropriate sorts, all accented in burnished coppery-gold, and with masses of transparent ribbon reminiscent of stained glass. The 14-foot parlor tree is studded with glittery starbursts, is hung with over 1,000 figural glass ornaments, topped with a ribbon bow, and draped with lengthy twisted streamers; the portraits and mantel are done en suite. In the dining room is a tabletop tree done in a Commedia del Arte theme with handpainted Venetian masks, feathers, glittery sticks, cards, etc… rather a tour de force that is easier seen than described. Once again, the room is done to match, with the chandelier, sideboard, and portrait bust of the Princess Ida all festooned for the holidays. The hallways are hung with frosted long-needle pine swags and roping studded with red berries; the library is in pine with twigs, holly, and white berries; the bedroom is done with mixed pine and red berries, and …there is more, but you get the picture. The museum shop is fully stocked for the season … lots of glass Christmas ornaments, gift items, jewelry, fashion accessories, and an impressive assortment of scarves of all sorts in a rainbow of colors and fabrics … lustrous silks and satin, warm wool, cotton … you name it, the FRHS museum shop probably has it. From England there are Christmas puddings and brandy butter, and from Italy delicious Panaforte di Sienna (my favorite) baked in the same bakery using the same recipe for over 400 years. The ever-popular McWhirr’s candy department is up and running and is very well stocked with dark chocolate nonpareils, as always a best-seller, and plenty of other delectable items … if you like peanut butter and have not tried the large peanut butter cups, you have no idea what you are missing … the chocolate is of a very fine quality and the filling is smooth and creamy without the slightest bit of grit, very unlike the well-known commercial brands … really great stuff!

And if you haven’t heard, there is a new book coming out this year … Parallel Lives … for sale exclusively at the FRHS museum shop. Everything is on target for delivery and as was posted earlier a booksigning will be held here at the FRHS on Sunday, November 20, from 12 – 3 o’clock pm, and we sincerely hope that some of you can make it. There has been considerable interest in the book, especially so in the Limited Edition, which is nearly sold out – as of this posting only eleven remain.

Busy week this week as we wrap up holiday preparations – the museum opens for the season on Saturday so there is much to do and rather a bit of catching-up to attend to. The holiday reception for Historical Society members is Saturday evening, and the booksigning is Sunday so there are many tasks to attend to that are as yet undone.

Here is a bit of news for anyone interested in the life and times of Lizzie A. Borden. This morning we begin mounting a special exhibit that will be on view in the library during the holiday season, featuring an important selection of items personally connected to LAB, that were acquired by the museum from various donors during the research phase of Parallel Lives. Some very interesting items including photographs, books, a selection of extremely important letters, notes, and cards, and a few items she presented as gifts to close friends … interesting and with impeccable provenance. The exhibit will open this coming Saturday, and will be on view through the end of the year. Hope you have a chance to view it.

That’s all for now.”

I would LOVE to see her metiiculously assembled scrapbook from her 1890 Grand Tour.  Oh yeah.


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