Mysterious Secret Space Mission Involved Borden Murder Weapon (Possible)

16 Jun

I have my own suspicions of what was really going on up there and here they are:

1) Hiding Obama’s REAL birth certificate.
2) Delivering and photographing progress on secret resort facility for the privileged 1% who will escape planet Earth on 12/20/12.
3) Surveying sites for first inter-galactic International Prison.
4) Transporting pods of bio-engineered Justin Biebers and Kim Kardashians for placement on future enemy planets.
5) Secreting recently discovered murder weapon (hatchet) used by Dr. Bowen’s wagon driver in the 1892 Borden murders.
6) Clones of both Obama and Romney to insure corporate control of the country regardless of who wins.
7) A weapon of such massive destruction deemed too dangerous to be housed on earth.
8) Formula for the cure of all known cancers (sub-financed by the pharmeceudical industry).
8) Space floating coffins of contestants from American Idol whom no one has seen or heard of since they won.
9) Sought and found appropriate space location for the long lost silver chalice.
10) Sustaining chamber housing the real Osama bin Laden.
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